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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

ARC Review: Wired by Julie Garwood

Julie Garwood’s thirteenth Buchanan-Renard book Wired is a romance driven story, technically classified as Romantic Suspense, it however does not have enough suspense for me to call it that. The overall romance is the driving force behind the story and the book is just a series of events that ties these two characters together they just happen to be moderately suspenseful in nature. The characters I enjoyed; Liam Scott is a FBI agent and because the FBI encourages their agents to have a degree in either law, accounting, or engineering Liam like many other agents also has a law degree. Allison Trent is kind of like a savant when it comes to finding patterns, she can decipher things easily and programming code just came natural to her. Unfortunately for Alison she wasn’t raised in a loving environment and was taken advantage of, she was discovered by a fashion designer who begged her to become his model. She models for the extra money, not like she gets much her Aunt and Uncle are taking it all; but she gets to keep the clothes!  The fact the Alison is beautiful is inconsequential she can be both beautiful and brilliant those two things are not mutually exclusive. 

Liam and Alison initially meet because the FBI has a leak. Liam knows it is coming from the inside and after hearing Alison debate with her best friend at a seminar he knows she the right person for the job. Talking her into is another matter entirely. Alison originally agrees just for that one job but then her cousin fucks up and she uses her pull to get him probation the downside is that she now has to work for the FBI for six months. Alison is hesitant at first because she isn’t quite the law-abiding computer programmer, she hacks into different computers and just looks keeping an eye out for virus and bugs and if she finds them she gets rid of them she also she has found other hackers who have stolen money and handed them over to the FBI, all anonymously of course. She does this because her plan is to write a write a security program that is full proof, in fact she has already done so she just waiting to graduate. Only now she suspects her former roommate to have stolen her program, but she’s got that covered.

Liam and Alison both acknowledge their attraction but both agree that while she’s working with him they shouldn’t act upon it, so as soon as she has found the leak they sleep together. It’s after he leaves that Alison realized she not made for one night stands. Liam and Alison don’t see each other again for over two months and when they do see again he ties himself up with everything going on in her life, ‘cause at this point there is quite a bit going on. Liam has never been in love before and he’s not handling it well and his mixed signals are really starting to mess with Alison’s heart.

Overall, it was a good read. I have read a couple of the books in this series but they are all written in a way they are standalone novels as well. The romance was great I liked the chemistry between Liam and Alison and the fact that they waited for the job to be over before sleeping together was nice. I completely sympathized with Alison about Liam’s mixed signals. I personally love that Alison was so smart and yet so humble. I like that Julie Garwood writes intelligent women.        

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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