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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

ARC Review: Tied by Carian Cole

Tied is the second book in Carian Cole's Devil's Wolves series, a series of standalones and spin-off of her Ashes & Embers series. I was really excited to read this book after reading Tied, the first book in the series and it was such a good story. This book definitely had a different feel to it than the first one did, and yet it had me captivated from start to finish just the same as Torn did. Carian Cole is quickly becoming a favorite of mine with her emotional and unique stories. 

Holly and Tyler are both broken and damaged in different ways. Tyler lives in the woods, in self-imposed isolation after what happened in his past. But when he saves Holly from a monster that stole her childhood, he finds himself unable to stay away from her. Holly knows that she should be scared of him, but he is the only one that has ever made her feel anything. Holly is determined to move forward with her life and she wants nothing more than to make Tyler smile and feel like he has done for her. But can they let go of their pasts and have a future together, or will there be too much damage from their pasts for them to overcome? 

I really liked these two for one another. Tyler was a character that had intrigued me from Torn, and I really wanted to know what had happened to him. My heart really went out to both him and Holly here for all that they had been through. These two needed one another, and no one understood them like they did each other. I was so glad that they had one another and that they were able to find their own future. It might not have been what most people would go for, and yet everything that they wanted and shared was so perfectly them. I loved that this one was a slow burn, with everything that had happened this truly felt genuine and real. They both had a lot of growing and healing to do here, and I loved getting to see all the progress they made. Their connection was there from the start, but seeing it strengthen over the course of this book was something I really enjoyed. 

Overall, this was a great story and I liked the characters a lot. I am loving this world and getting to know each of these characters as the series continues. I honestly can't wait for more, especially when it comes to Tanner and Tesla. Tyler, Tor and their siblings are some of my favorites that I have read about and I am so excited to get more of them as we get more Devil's Wolves books. Carian Cole is relatively new to me, but her books are ones I definitely recommend and I am really looking forward to more from her in the future. If you haven't read anything by her yet, I highly recommend the Devil's Wolves series.

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