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Friday, September 8, 2017

ARC Review: Long For Me by Stacey Lynn

Long For Me is the third book in the Luminous series by Stacey Lynn. Each book is a standalone story, and you can understand each without having read the previous books. I had only read book two in this series before Long For Me, but I really loved it and didn't have any problems here. I am really enjoying this series though and I am looking forward to going back and reading the first in the series to see where it all started. 

Rebecca has seen what giving everything to a man can do, and she has no intention of doing that herself. Though Bennett Ashby her boss is super sexy, she knows that he is the worst sor of man she could give herself to with how bossy he is at work. But when she goes to Luminous with her friends, she sees a side of him she never knew existed and as much as she doesn't want to be, she finds herself drawn to him. Bennett convinces Rebecca to give him one night to show her what being a Dom and sub is all about, and to show her pleasure unlike she has ever known before. But what happens when their night is over and Bennett wants more? Can he convince Rebecca that they belong together?

I thought that these two were great for one another. They had chemistry right off, but I loved seeing a connection form between them. Rebecca had always thought that Bennett was rude and cold, but seeing him show her that there was more there was really enjoyable. He had wanted her all along and it was clear that he had acted that way to try and keep his distance. I liked seeing her learn more about the BDSM lifestyle and see that what was happening at Luminous and in her friends lives wasn't abuse and was consensual. Seeing her realize what it was all about and finally come to understand it showed so much growth and Bennett was exactly what she needed. There were a few times that she frustrated me getting there, but in the end I was really happy with where things ended up. 

Overall, this was a really great addition to the series. I enjoyed it and liked the characters. I love this series so far and Stacey Lynn has created some fantastic characters with this world. While this series definitely brings the steam and has plenty of sexy times, each book is sweet and emotional as well. These books draw my attention right away and I have a tough time putting them down. If you are looking for a great story on the sexy side, I definitely recommend checking this series out.

**ARC Provided by Publisher**

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