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Saturday, September 9, 2017

ARC Review: Corrupt by Jessica Prince

Corrupt is the first book in Jessica Prince's Civil Corruption series and features Garrett and Gwen. This was my first Jessica Prince book, but I have seen a lot about her books before and wanted to give this one a go. There were things I liked here, and there were things that didn't work as well for me. While I had mixed feelings about the story, I would read more from Jessica Prince in the future. 

Garrett and Gwen share a night together and it changes their lives forever. But while Garrett is a rich and famous rockstar that is in his own world, Gwen is forced to move on and deal with the consequences that life has dealt her. They are tied together though and now that Gwen is forced to deal with Garrett daily, she finds her walls starting to crumble even after everything that has happened. 

I found it really hard to like or relate to these characters at times. They were flawed and drove me nuts, but I did have moments where I felt like there were glimmers of hope for them. For much of this book though Garrett was pretty much a jerk, and by the time he was redeemed it was somewhat too little, too late. I really wanted to like these two and be able to root for them, but there was just so much that went against that. They had chemistry and there were moments that I did like them. But ultimately I struggled with them and how their relationship happened. I never felt like we really saw them fall in love and that made it hard to believe in a forever for them. 

I really did want to like this one, and like I said there were moments here that I did. But overall, I just struggled and that made this one just okay for me. I do think that I will give Jessica Prince another chance in the future, as I did see a lot of promise here and I enjoyed her writing style. It was more the story and characters here that didn't fully work for me. I have seen a lot of readers that loved this book though, so I think that it is worth taking a chance on if it sounds like one you might be interested in. Just because this one didn't work for me personally doesn't mean that it won't work for you. There were just a few things that I had trouble getting past, but it could be one that you love.

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