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Sunday, September 8, 2013

ARC Review: Addicted To You by Colina Brennan

For me, this book was a mix of good and bad. There were times that I really liked it and times I was either rolling my eyes or shaking my head. Addicted To You is a New Adult contemporary book that centers around Leah and Will who meet at a sex addict meeting. While there are serious parts to this book, there were also a lot of light-hearted and funny moments that kept me turning the pages. This story was a quick read that I am sure many New Adult fans will love.

After her most recent one night stand burglarized their apartment Leah is forced to attend twenty sessions of sex addicts meetings in order to appease her roommate Helena. With only a few sessions left Leah is biding her time. Until a handsome stranger with blue eyes walks in and changes everything for her. Will is a psychology major working as a research assistant for a professor and is asked to attend the sex addicts meetings to gather material for his professor's latest research project. But he is instantly drawn to the beautiful girl who spends her time in the meetings glaring at the rest of the addicts. He knows that she is there for a reason, and yet he can't help but think that she is nothing like the rest of the members. As time goes on the two of them end up running into each other many times and the attraction becomes more than either can fight even though they still don't know the other's name. When it becomes clear that both of them are developing feelings for the other, they begin to wonder how a relationship between them could ever work with the lies and secrets that are in between them. After everything is revealed, can they possibly have a normal relationship and find happiness with each other?

I liked Will. He was handsome, sweet, and who doesn't love a man with an accent? Originally from Scotland he has moved to America to make a life for himself. I loved that he was a man that would go after what he wanted in all things and was willing to move to another country to obtain it. I loved that he was so nice to Leah's little brother Elijah and the scenes with the two of them were some of my favorites. Same with the scenes between Leah and Elijah. Leah was a hard one for me to like. I am all for a heroine who is comfortable with her sexuality and isn't ashamed. But some of the things that Leah would say or think just really had me disliking her, especially considering that she was basically a mother to Elijah. It just seemed as though she was setting a bad example. I thought that Leah's character was a bit more standoffish than I would have liked, but I do understand that after her past and upbringing why she would guard herself against others. I think that Will was the perfect compliment to her character though, and he really was able to help her grow and round out some of her rough edges. I did like the characters of this story. Elijah was great as were the friends of both Will and Leah. I thought that some of the more entertaining parts were when the secondary characters were involved.

For a book that centers around sex and the addiction to it, this story had a huge lack of sex and I found myself wanting more. There were a few interactions between Will and Leah, but they were brief. I would have liked a little more steam and sexiness because Leah and Will did seem to have some great chemistry going on. Overall, this book was a quick and easy read, if a bit predictable. I never really felt a connection to the characters though and I think that is why this story won't be a memorable one for me. I think that a lot of people will enjoy this story, especially fans of the New Adult genre. I just think that I was expecting more and found myself a little disappointed. If you like sweet New Adult books that are funny and end with an HEA, I think that you would probably enjoy this story and should give it a shot.

**ARC provided by Xpresso Book Tours**

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