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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Review: Driven by K. Bromberg

I knew right off that I was going to love this book. The cover is hot, the blurb sounded fabulous, and I am a huge fan of sports romance stories! Not only do I love a good sports romance, but since I grew up around racing, I'm always a huge fan of a hot guy who knows how to handle himself on a track! After reading Driven, I can tell you that I have a new book boyfriend and his name is Colton. I loved this first book in the trilogy and I cannot wait to get the rest of his and Rylee's story!

Rylee Thomas is a girl who has suffered a terrible loss. After a horrible accident, she loses her fiance and must learn how to start living again. While working an event to raise money for an organization that she works for, she meets Colton. Although the two of them get off to a rough start, the attraction is instant and is more than either of them can fight. They share a passionate kiss and Colton is determined to have his way with Rylee. However Rylee is not your average girl that is content to spend the night with a hot guy and no string attached. She is not the type to have a one night stand and give up all control to a man. Colton is not used to being told no, and he doesn't intend to let Rylee be the one to do it either. As the two of them begin working together and spending time with each other, the chemistry and attraction is combustible. Colton and Rylee cannot stay away from each other, but can they possible have any kind of future together when Colton doesn't do commitment and Rylee doesn't do casual?

Wow...Colton. What can I say? Colton is hot and sexy and slightly damaged from a horrible past that he has kept a secret from everyone he knows. He has a reason for keeping his relationships short, and without emotion. I really loved that despite wanting to keep Rylee at a distance, he wasn't quite able to. For someone who constantly tries to keep everyone at arms length he would open up to Rylee in small ways. I also really liked when he would do something extremely sweet for Rylee or the boys that she works with through her job. It was great to see Colton really start to get to where he was able to realize that even though he would like to keep things with Rylee the same as he always has, he just wasn't able to. I also really liked Rylee. I found her to be exactly the type of heroine that I root for. She was smart and sweet and a bit feisty! I loved that she didn't just give in to everything that Colton was asking for and that she really stayed true to herself. She might not be able to stay away from Colton, but she also had no problem calling him out or putting him in his place either. Colton and Rylee are absolutely steamy together! They are perfect for each other, and I think that they really help balance the other out. Watching them begin to heal and grow together was very enjoyable.

Overall, I loved this book! K. Bromberg is an excellent writer and has really created a ton of fantastic characters. Besides loving Rylee and Colton, I also really loved the secondary characters as well! Rylee's roommate and best friend Haddie is so much fun, and I really liked reading the scenes between her and Rylee. If I have any criticism at all with this book, there were only a few things that bothered me. There was a quote in the book that I felt was very close to a well known and loved book. That sort of threw me off a little, and I didn't quite know how to take it. Also, this book ends rather abruptly with a huge cliffhanger. I know that we are getting two more books, but it was so shocking that I didn't want to wait one second before diving into the next story! I had to know what happens next. I cannot wait to see where the rest of this series goes, and more importantly get the rest of Rylee and Colton's story. This book is seriously hot, and the sex scenes are off the charts! If you are a fan of romance and steamy scenes, this is definitely a book you wont want to miss!

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