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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Feature and Giveaway: The Devil of Clan Sinclair

The first in New York Times bestselling author Karen Ranney's brand new Clan Sinclair series. It's true love in the Scottish highlands.

Virginia Traylor, Countess of Barrett, is in dire straights... Lawrence Traylor's death left his family in a desperate situation. He'd spent his wife's fortune on property that became entailed, passing to his cousin. If Virginia could have an heir before the allotted time was up, the title would remain in the family, but more important they'd have the income from the farms belonging to the estate. Only one problem: Lawrence had never wanted to bed his wife. Who would play surrogate husband?

Enter Macrath Sinclair, the self-made Scottish millionaire and the man with whom Virginia had fallen in love before her father chose Lawrence as her husband. Virginia travels to Scotland, becomes pregnant, and gives birth to a boy - who is promptly stolen by Macrath when he realizes he's become a father.

Virginia travels to Scotland in a desperate attempt to get Macrath to see reason. He must relinquish his son. The world sees the child as the 11th Earl of Barrett.

Another problem: Macrath isn't going to give up his son, and he wasn't all that happy about letting Virginia go, either.

Can they put asside their differences and make their new family work?

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Karen Ranney wanted to be a writer from the time she was five years old and filled her Big Chief tablet with stories. People in stories did amazing things and she was too shy to do anything amazing. Years spent in Japan, Paris, and Italy, however, not only fueled her imagination but proved that she wasn't that shy after all. Yet she prefers to keep her current adventures between the covers of her books. Karen lives in San Antonio, Texas, and loves to hear from her readers at

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  1. Three cheers for the wonderful Karen Ranney! I love her novels and am amazed at the depth of feelings with which she writes. I hope you will take the time to learn more about this amazing author. When you see the number of novels she has written under her name of Karen Ranney and her pseudonym, Katherine Storm, I’m betting you will be immediately smitten just as I have been.

    Congratulations, Karen, on yet another delightful novel. I’m so proud to call you my friend.

  2. It sounds like a great book! You are a new writer to me. Will look for your books in the bookstore!

  3. I am new to Karen Ranney's work - but I really like what I've read so far!

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  4. The book sounds great! Love the cover art!

  5. I love historical romances! Love the blurb and cover! Thanks for the great giveaway chance!
    My question for Karen is what is it about historical romances that you love to write about? Is the genre that you love to read most, if not, what is?

  6. This book sounds great. You are a new author for me. I love to read and always looking for new authors and books. I am a big fan of historical romances and this looks like a good book.
    My questions for you are: Is this going to be a series or stand-alone? If series how many books? Do you get to choose who is on your covers?
    Thanks for the chance to win

  7. I've read quite a few of Karen's books, and have loved them all. she never fails to disappoint. Congratulations to her on her release of her new book.

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  9. Thank you for this wonderful post today. I really like the passion and color that Karen has provided readers in the past, and if this is anything like her previous works, it will be in "keeper" shelf in no time.


  10. Love the blurb. Sounds like a fantastic new series. Such a unique story for a historical. Can't wait to read it. :)
    Thanks for spotlighting another great new author.

  11. I found the excerpt intriguing. I would read this story. Thanks for the giveaway.

  12. I have read quite a few books of Karen's under both her names, and she never disappoints. Congrats on a great sounding new books, and thanks for the giveaway!

  13. I can't believe I have this still waiting for me to read! Gosh I need to get reading and check up.

  14. I love the cover and blurb .Thank you for sharing it with us today. Hope you have a fantastic day.

  15. Interesting premise, I don't think I've ever come across this one before, which makes me very eager to read The Devil of Clan Sinclair. :D

  16. looks and sounds fantastic ! Thanks for sharing :)

  17. I noticed you write lots of books about Highlanders. Any ancestors of yours Scottish?

  18. That cover is amazing! Love the colors, and the blurb sounds quite complex! Have you always wanted to write historical romances? Why Scottish and not, say, Regent England?