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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

ARC Review: For Everly by Raine Thomas

For Everly is a sweet New Adult Contemporary Romance by Raine Thomas and is the story of Everly Wallace and Cole Parker. This is the first book I have read by Raine Thomas, and I found it to be an enjoyable quick read. For me, this story was nice and sweet. There were darker elements to it, but they were not the focus of the story and I was glad that it wasn't completely filled with angst and drama.

Cole Parker is a Major League pitcher and has been struggling with an injury. Instead of letting anyone know what is going on, he has tried to bury the pain with pills and alcohol. After an accident that leaves him in the hospital he finally admits to his doctor brother what is really going on. His contract is up for renewal and he needs to keep his injury from being found out by the public. His brother Wyatt comes up with the solution of having his best student Everly help him rehab his shoulder injury without letting anyone be the wiser. Cole and Everly decide to pretend that she will pose as his girlfriend for their cover story in case anyone starts asking questions. Cole and Everly begin spending more time together for rehab and feelings between them begin to grow. But someone isn't happy about Cole and Everly being together, and bad things start happening to Everly. As they try to figure out who is attacking Everly and why, Cole and Everly begin to realize that the feelings and relationship between them is no longer a cover, and has become very real.

I really liked Cole. Despite his drunken beginning in the story, he quickly started to become a hero to root for with a little help from Everly. He was sweet and caring and I really loved that he never pushed Everly. He allowed Everly to open up to him on her terms and was content to let her set the pace of the relationship even if he would have had them progress faster. Everly was a great heroine. She was very strong, determined and an absolute survivor. Most people that would have suffered from all the things that Everly had in her past would have given up or become someone completely different, but Everly used her tragic past to create a future for herself that she was passionate about. I also really liked seeing a female that was as into sports as I am! Those are hard to find in books, and although sports were not the main focus of this book they were definitely a large part. Everly and Cole were a really great couple that were easy to believe in. Their relationship had time to develop and grow, and wasn't the insta-love that has become so common anymore and I found that very refreshing. It was nice to see them take things slow and really start to fall for each other.

Overall I enjoyed this quick and sweet read. I thought the story was very nice. Although there are some physical elements to this story, there wasn't much steam. If you are looking for a hot and sexy read, this isn't the book for you. I usually prefer a bit of a sexier story, but this one was still a book that I enjoyed. For me, although this book is filled with likable characters and a realistic relationship, I just felt there was something missing and that made the difference between good and great. I was waiting for that moment that really wowed me, and it just didn't happen. If you enjoy your romance stories angst free with a happily ever after, I think that you will really like this book.

**ARC provided by AToMR Tours**

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