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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

ARC Review: Be With Me by J. Lynn

I have become a huge fan of Jennifer's books and writing style. I know going into each one that I am going to love it because she absolutely never disappoints! I really love this series and all the characters. I will admit that I have been anxiously awaiting this one since I read the last words in the previous books, and I could not wait to get my hands on Jase and Tess's story. I just knew that I was going to really love Jase, and I was not wrong. This book is a great addition to this series, and I really think this series is shaping up to be one of the best that I have ever read. I know that I will go back and reread these books over and over again. Even though this book is the second in the series, it can be read as a standalone. The characters are linked from the previous book, but you do not have to have read the first one in order to understand anything.

Teresa is adjusting to college life after an injury forces her to take a break from dancing. She enrolled at the same college that her brother Cam attends and chose to major in elementary education. College is still her Plan B, and she fully intends to return to dancing after she heals. One thing that she is looking forward to though is being at the same school as her brother's best friend Jase. After sharing a passionate kiss a year ago, she is pretty sure that she is in love with him. But being Cam's little sister and having been in a terrible relationship in the past, Jase is convinced that he should steer clear of her. Jase also has a complicated past when it comes to relationships, and believes that Tess deserves more than he can offer her. But after Jase starts offering help to Teresa and they begin to spend time together, the more their connection grows. Soon they are unable to fight what is between them and begin seeing each other. But with Jase having secrets and more responsibilities than anyone knows about, as well as Teresa's uncertain future, can they possibly have a future together?

I really loved Jase. He is sexy and sweet and deeper than you would ever think at first glance. The way that Jase treated Tess was really caring and thoughtful. I loved that he would bring her cupcakes and that he treated her like she was special. He really opened up to her unlike he did with anyone else, and it really showed that he was wanting her to be more than just another girl. I wasn't sure if I would love his character as much as I had loved Cam, but I really ended up loving him just as much but in a completely different way. Teresa/Tess was also really great. I loved that she was such a kind person, and even though she had gone through so much she remained more positive than could be expected. She had her moments that she was upset and vulnerable, but she was determined to get through everything and live the life that she had been dealt. I thought that she was really patient and understanding. Tess and Jase were really perfect for each other, and they just had this natural fit. They had a ton of chemistry and attraction, but they also had such a strong emotional connection. I loved watching them as they figured their feelings out, and really helped each other to heal and grow. They were exactly what the other needed.

Overall, this one is definitely a new favorite of mine and I really enjoyed reading about Jase and Tess. If you haven't read any books in this series yet, you are really missing out. These books have everything that you could ask for in a great book, and I really think that these are books that any romance fan will enjoy. They are written extremely well and are not only sweet and sexy, but also funny and emotional. Jennifer has a way of writing couples that have a realness to them that is so believable that you just get lost in the story. I always plan to read these slow and savor them because I know they will be amazing, but soon after starting them I just get so invested that I can't stop until the entire thing is devoured! At this point J. Lynn/Jennifer Armentrout is one of my favorites, and I know that whatever she writes I am going to really enjoy. I cannot wait to get more in this series and see where she takes the rest of the characters.

**ARC provided by Edelweiss**

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  1. I loved this book but I didn't fall in love with Jace and Tess the way I did with Cam and Avery. I did love both characters and their story but just wasn't quite as affected as I was with the first two books in the series. I still highly recommend reading it.