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Friday, February 7, 2014

ARC Review: Prince of Blood and Steel by Nazarea Andrews and AJ Elmore

This book is one of those that leaves you absolutely reeling after you read the last word. Prince of Blood and Steel was nothing like I expected, and I feel like my thoughts and emotions are all over the place. I have read books by Nazarea Andrews before and really loved them, but never having read anything by AJ Elmore I didn't really know what to expect from her. I really enjoyed the content of this story, even though I did have a few issues with it. Seth and Emma really drew me in though, and I found that I absolutely had to keep reading to see what would happen.

After his father's death, Seth is sent by his Uncle to build the family relations in Cuba. He returns after two years and quickly finds that nothing is as he left it. He is hoping to be welcomed back as the rightful heir to the family empire and finally marry the love of his life Nicolette. Nic is the daughter of a family ally and even though their relationship was arranged, they fell in love with each other. Upon returning home though, he finds that Nic has left the family completely, and his family's empire is completely falling apart. His older brother Caleb is nothing like he had been, now he is cold and unwelcoming. When things get out of hand, Caleb ends up dead and Seth is left wondering what happened in the two years he was gone and who he can really trust. Seth begins searching for answers and surrounding himself with those that he knows he can trust. Seth turns to his favorite cousin Emma to be his right hand, and together they begin to take their rightful place of ruling their family empire. But the current leadership under their Uncle isn't so quick to give up everything that they have under their power. Will Seth be able to finally marry his fiance and rule the city he has always felt was his?

I liked Seth. I feel like as much as we get to know about him in this story, we really don't know much about him at all. He is one of those guys that always keeps his guard up and refuses to let others in. He doesn't give much away, and is very careful who he allows to see him. I will admit I didn't really understand some of his actions. He would claim that Nicolette was the love of his life, and yet he was drawn to Vera and would mess around with her with little effort on Vera's part. I loved that he was really close to his cousin Emma though and their relationship was one of my favorite parts of the whole book. Emma and Seth had a really great connection, and I loved their loyalty to each other. I didn't care for Nic from the beginning. She seemed to be cold and secretive. She was often described as icy, and I think that word fit her perfectly. I also thought it was kind of strange that we find her completely out of the family and living on her own when the story starts, and then after Seth is back all of a sudden she is back in the thick of it immediately. She never really seemed to have many feelings for anyone including Seth. I did however really like Emma. She was smart and strong, and so much more than anyone gave her credit for. She was really underestimated and I loved her standing up for herself and taking her rightful place in the family. She was unwavering in her trust and devotion to her cousin, and that just made me love her even more. I also liked Rama. At first I wasn't sure what to think of him, especially with the secrets both he and Emma were keeping from each other. But he really seemed to like her and want to protect her. He definitely grew on me as the story went on.

Overall, this book leaves me with mixed feelings. I really loved the story. It was interesting and different, and it kept me so invested in the characters and outcome that I didn't want to put it down. But I will admit that I almost DNF'd (did not finish) because of the delivery. The style it was written in was extremely hard to get into and get used to. If it wouldn't have been for how great the story was, I would have given up. Everything was so detailed and wordy. Although I enjoy details, it was too much at times. It's hard to really describe what I mean, and for me it was just a personal preference on what I like to read. I just didn't personally like the style this book was written in. It isn't necessarily a bad thing, just wasn't for me. I really am glad that I stuck with it though, as I can truly say that I enjoyed the story. I had to keep reading to see how everything played out, and I couldn't wait to see how everything would unfold. I know that I will read the next book because I have to see what happens from here. Without spoiling anything, we are left not with a cliffhanger exactly, but there are things definitely left up in the air after the events of this book. I am really excited to see what happens in the future and what is in store for the characters and their empire. I think that this story is worth giving a shot, and I think a lot of people will really enjoy this book. It leaves you wondering what will happen next and who is trustworthy. I was guessing the entire book through, and I can honestly say that I didn't see all the twists and turns. Even with the issues I had, I am anxiously awaiting the next book about the Morgan Syndicate and look forward to reading more in the future from Andrews and Elmore.

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  1. Sounds pretty intense! Not sure its for me, but I am intrigued by it.