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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sealed With a Kiss Event - Jess Michaels

Jess Michaels is the author of nearly 50 books under 3 different names. She believes in passionate, everlasting, head-over-heels love and is currently living her own happily ever after in Tucson with her husband and two elderly cats.

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Viscount Andrew Callis met Lysandra Keates when she was desperate. She had made the decision to become a courtesan and widowed, broken Andrew was asked by the infamous Mistress Matchmaker Vivien Manning to train her in the ways of passion. Through his gentle tutelage, Lysandra's body was awakened and through her touch Andrew's frozen heart was melted. Their passionate romance was featured in An Introduction to Pleasure, my bestselling erotic historical romance which came out in 2012. Thanks to my fans, these favorites were picked as the couple they wanted to see exchange love letters.

Lysandra Keates is running out of options. Her father is dead, her mother is ill, and her efforts to find respectable employment have ended in failure. With her small savings bleeding away, she swallows her pride—and her terror—and turns to Vivien Manning, an infamous courtesan, to match her with a wealthy protector.

For years, Viscount Andrew Callis has lived a monastic existence at his country estate, hardening his body against the snobbish, lazy young man he once was, hardening his heart against grief over the deaths of his wife and infant son. When Vivien asks him to spend one month training a young woman in the ways of a mistress, his mind resists…but his body responds with an ache he thought long dead.

As Andrew begins his gentle tutelage, he finds himself falling under the spell of Lysandra’s innocent charms. And as they give in to the powerful hunger, the last thing Andrew ever expected, or wanted, forms between them. An emotional connection that could carry them well past the training period—if only Andrew can open his heart to the possibility of love.

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Up For Grabs:
  • 1 copy of An Introduction to Pleasure

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  1. My favorite couple from the series! They actually might be my favorite couple out of all your couples Jess! I love them so much and the love letters are just sweet! I need to go and reread the book again...I miss it too much.

  2. Thanks everyone! It was fun revisiting Andrew and Lysandra. :) My Facebook fans voted for which characters would be part of the letters, so I hope you guys love it, too!

  3. I think I need to meet these characters of Lysandra & Andrew!

  4. Oh my, Jess, these letters had me grabbing for my fan! Your writing is lovely and sensual and makes for incredible historical romances. Thank you for this post and the chance to win something of yours.

  5. Thanks for the letters. I have to check to see if I have the book in my TBR piles. I know the cover looks familiar.

  6. Thanks so much for having me today ladies! I'm glad you enjoyed the letters! :)

  7. I've read one book from this series and loved it. I have one sitting on the TBR pile after I liked the first one, but this one sounds good too.

    Hot letters! ;) Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  8. This seems to be an awesome series. It is on my TBR list. I am looking forward to reading this series. Thanks for this giveaway.

  9. Wowzers!!! This sounds fantastic! Congrats to Jess on the new release! Thanks for sharing ;)

  10. Hi Jess!

    I loved reading both For Desire Alone and Her Perfect Match but missed picking up An Introduction to Pleasure when it was released because our bookstore had run out of it before I got there to buy a copy.

    Aren't we lucky now that with a Kindle you can still now pre-order and have it "magically appear" on it the day it's released! For anyone who hasn't had a chance to read all three books from your Mistress Matchmaker series they can still get all three there and they're even on sail right now!

    Congratulations on the release of Pleasuring the Lady and anyone who hasn't had the chance to read the first book in the series, Taken by the Duke will want to read it first!

  11. I haven't read Jess Michael's work in years. Gotta get back to her books. They're great!

  12. Love the cover art on the Mistress Matchmaker series!

  13. Can't wait to read this, loved the letters.

  14. Oh I love this couple so much! They were my first from you and they will always be a favorite.

  15. Thank you for sharing these letters! Loved reading them. :)

  16. Yes, thanks for sharing these letters. I loved reading about Andrew and Lysandra. I just put this book on my wishlist and will be reading the series. Thank you for the post. Can't wait to read more of Andrew and Lysandra.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  17. Wow *fans self* great letters. :-) I haven't read the book, but obviously need to.

  18. I enjoyed their (hot) letters to each other!

  19. Interesting characters

  20. Not an erotic fan, sorry. But I wish you great success!

  21. Great letters!!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  22. Great letters! I hosted a book signing with her once. She's sooo nice!!!