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Monday, February 3, 2014

Review: Unleashing Mr. Darcy by Teri Wilson

Elizabeth Scott worked as a teacher at an upper crust school. When she’s falsely accused by a wealthy lecherous father of trying to sell grades, she’s dismissed. She finds employment at the family’s bridal shop and dog shows. Her dog, Bliss, loves the attention. Elizabeth never suspects billionaire dog breeder, Donovan Darcy, would be a judge at her New York show. He’s a distraction and a growing obsession. When Elizabeth gets the chance to travel to London to babysit other show dogs, she delighted to go. And stunned to find herself living down the street from the elusive Mr. Darcy. He takes his dog for a walk and bumps into Elizabeth and her charges. They both agree they don’t fit in the other’s world, but who will cave first? They start an uneasy courtship which takes them from his country estate to the less than genteel end of London. Will pride or prejudice rule or cede the fight to love?

Elizabeth is more than tolerable. The profession she loves is used against her. She moves on and finds happiness and love with her family and dog. Like many, she finds solace in the company of pets when people aren’t nice. The dog show aspect is a refreshing way for her and Darcy to meet. She isn't looking to marry. She’s content with her life and sees him as an intrusion. He’s in charge of everything and likes it that way. He runs the family trust, treats his dogs like royalty, and chooses when and where to mingle with others. Outside his bubble, he loses his advantage and is at her mercy. He’s never been told no or waited by the phone for a woman to call. He is haughty and head over heels in love. He fights both impulses until he surrenders to her. He proves himself her champion in words and deeds. They make an engaging couple.

The author is liberal with direct quotes and spin on scenes from the immortal Pride and Prejudice. Elizabeth has a mother bent on marrying her daughters off to well to do men. Jenna Scott, Elizabeth’s sister, falls for Darcy’s best friend. He has a meddling aunt, fun younger sister, even a conniving Caroline Bingley stand in. Mr. Darcy takes the obligatory dip in the pool, giving the spying Elizabeth an eyeful of his gorgeous assets. Many scenes and characters will be familiar to fans of all things Austen. There are so many parallels to the original Elizabeth and Darcy it makes for a game to imagine them dating now. All done well with a modern twist.

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  1. I just got this book from the library & am reading it now! Not too far in, but loving it so far!

  2. It's an adorable story. I enjoyed the modern retelling aspect of it and it was fun to come across quotes and situations from the original story. Thanks for sharing!