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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

ARC Review: The Duke’s Shotgun Wedding by Stacy Reid

Lady Jocelyn Rathbourne is pointing a derringer at Sebastian, the Duke of Calydon. She is in search of his brother, Anthony, who promised marriage. She has his gift of a locket to prove it. Sebastian points out Anthony has married Miss Phillipa Peppiwell. Jocelyn’s decides she’ll marry Sebastian instead. She is desperate to provide money for her family. Sebastian has avoided society since he received a scar in a duel. The lady in question lied to both men and then killed herself. He agrees to accept Jocelyn’s offer and they will be married in the morning. He needs an heir and the attraction is mutual. He’s delighted with her courage and determination in confronting him. He’s falling in love with her, but keeps her at a distance. Women have hurt him in the past. Some have cheated, but his mother was the worst. She flaunted her lover and had two children with him. He banished her and cut off financial support. Anthony returns in time to hear Jocelyn’s declaration of love for Sebastian. Anthony encourages his half-brother to read their mother’s diaries and give Jocelyn a chance. She decides to invite both sides of the family over for Christmas. Sebastian says no until he reads the diaries. He was wrong about his mother and welcomes her back. Jocelyn is thrilled to give her younger siblings a wonderful holiday and her husband a blessed surprise.

Jocelyn makes a dramatic and memorable entrance. Sebastian is amused and intrigued. They make an excellent couple. She helps him heal his relationship with his mother. He provides for her family. Jocelyn is not a docile woman. She searches for ways to make life better for others and stands up for herself. She’s chipping away at the status quo and paving the way for her sisters. Sebastian appreciates her powers of persuasion. He sees beyond convention and falls in love.

This is a classic tale of ‘How I met your mother’ to tell their children. I enjoy reading a story and imaging the couple in the future. Jocelyn and Sebastian have little in common, but enough to keep the other interested for years to come.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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