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Thursday, April 24, 2014

ARC Review: Unfixable by Tessa Bailey

I have become a huge Tessa Bailey fan after reading a few of her books now. I was excited when I found out that she was writing a New Adult book about Willa. Willa is Ginger's sister from Protecting What's His. You do not have to have read Protecting What's His though to understand Unfixable as it is about Willa and can be read as a standalone. I really enjoyed this story, and I liked Willa and Shane a lot. This story brings the heat that one expects with a Tessa Bailey book, but it is a bit toned down compared to her Line of Duty Series.

After a bad breakup that leaves her feeling hurt and against love, Willa Peet enters and wins a photography contest that sends her to Ireland for a month. She isn't looking for friendship, and plans to spend her time taking pictures and moving on. She instantly gets off on the wrong foot with Shane Claymore, the guy sent to pick her up at the airport. Shane's family owns the inn where she is staying and is also a Formula One driver. Both Shane and Willa are struggling with issues, and even though they are both attracted to one another they bicker and argue. But the chemistry between them is strong and the fighting becomes more and more like foreplay. Soon they are starting to get to know each other, and they find out that there is much more to each other than they first expected. When things heat up, both are determined to enjoy each other while they can. As their time together approaches an end though, will they be able to give each other up?

I really liked Shane and the fact that he had an Irish accent didn't hurt! He was sexy and protective, and also a lot deeper than you first think. I liked that he wasn't afraid to say what he was thinking and call Willa out when she needed it. I think he was the perfect match for her willful personality. He brought her out of her comfort zone and really forced her to take a look at her life and things that she would rather try to avoid and run away from. I wasn't sure what his immediate bad reaction to her was though at the airport, and it kind of puzzled me a bit. I didn't understand why they pretty much hated each other at first sight. I also don't remember ever seeing how old Shane was. For some reason I kept wondering about that while I was reading. It was clear that he was older than Willa, but I'm not sure if it was ever said or if I just missed it. Willa was strong and surprisingly sweet. She wasn't overly sweet by nature, but she would do all of these really kind things for others as though she didn't even have to think about it. She wasn't at all like you would expect her character to be at first glance, and I really enjoyed how she was with both Faith and Kitty. I also really loved how fierce she was about defending Shane and trying to make him realize that everything he had been struggling with wasn't his fault. She showed him that he was worth it and that he deserved everything he had worked so hard for. Shane and Willa had a lot of chemistry, but they also developed a great relationship. There is a part where Shane is teaching Willa how to drive a stick shift, and it is hands down my favorite part of the book. They are so cute together, and you could tell just how much these two were starting to feel for one another.

I will admit that while I really enjoyed this book, there were a few things that kept it from being my favorite of Tessa Bailey's books. I felt like Shane and Willa's instant fighting was confusing. I couldn't really figure out why they got off on the wrong foot right away. It just didn't really make sense to me other than that they were both pretty judgmental right off and were making a lot of assumptions they shouldn't have been. I also thought that because it was a NA book, the level of heat was less than normal. There was still a lot of chemistry and there was a good amount of steam, but not what you would normally think of with a Tessa Bailey book. That is entirely a personal opinion though, as I really enjoy Tessa's dirty talking heroes and explicit scenes. But it was still really good even with the more tame scenes and writing. I love her writing style, and she has a really great way of drawing you instantly into her stories and keeping you invested the entire way through. Unfixable was no exception, and Shane and Willa were easy to like and root for. I highly recommend any of Tessa Bailey's books, especially if you haven't ever read anything by her before. But I would definitely recommend Unfixable to fans of the NA genre and those that are looking for a good hate to love story. This one was a quick and easy read, and was a lot of fun to experience.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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