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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Betting the Billionaire by Avery Flynn

Gabe Campos is a billionaire obsessed with revenge. The man who killed his father, Hector Hernandez, has gone unpunished. Dell Jacobs owns a custom furniture store and Gabe wants to buy it. Gabe tries to destroy it first, bankrupting Dell to make him pay for the crime. Keisha Wilson, Dell’s daughter, works at Fix ‘Er Up. She’s an auto mechanic, counting the days until she can leave town for an interior design job. Gabe has been calling Keisha, trying to get her to help him. She finds his voice too sexy to resist. Plus his picture on the Internet is enough to make Keisha give in. Gorgeous and rich and a pest. Gabe decides to drive down to check out the merchandise and Keisha. His car stalls in a snow storm and he has to walk to town. He shows up at her shop, almost frozen. She recognizes him and they spend the night in her upstairs apartment. The physical attraction can’t be denied, but is put on hold. When Gabe meets Dell, he accuses him of having a hand in his father’s death. Gabe has the wrong information about his father’s death. His mom confirms Hector was driving drunk. Dell comes up for a solution to help both sides save face: Gabe and Keisha each must make a table from scratch. The best table wins. They agree and are assigned to the barn to work. Realizing their motives aren’t the best, they agree on a compromise. Which one leads and which one follows?

This is a novella. Gabe and Keisha are compelling characters, both devoted to family and trying to make their own way. A couple of storylines could have been expanded. The secondary characters add dimension and bits of the back story. I didn’t want it to end.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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