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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Sealed With a Kiss Event with Jess Michaels

Jess Michaels writes erotic historical romance set in the Regency period. She lives in Tucson, AZ where she hangs out with her awesome husband and does geeky things in the desert.

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Hello readers and thanks to Danielle for allowing me to be part of this event. Today I present to you letters between the Duke and Duchess of Hartholm. Serafina and Rafe are the heroine and hero of my latest historical romance, The Other Duke. After the death of Rafe’s cousin (who is also Serafina’s fiancĂ©), our wild hero inherits not just a dukedom, but a bride. And while neither of them start out wanting this union, soon they come to want far more than a cold arranged marriage. You can find The Other Duke at online retailers everywhere!

Check out Serafina and Raphael's love story in The Other Duke.

For years Serafina McPhee has been engaged to marry the heir to the Duke of Hartholm and for almost as long, she has been struggling to find a way out of that engagement. When he suddenly dies, she does not mourn but thrills at the idea that she will be free. Unfortunately, best laid plans go awry when the next in line for the title, her intended’s cousin, Raphael “Rafe” Flynn is forced to take over the engagement. But Serafina knows Rafe’s reputation as a libertine and wants nothing to do with him, either, even if he is devastatingly handsome.

She proposes an arrangement: she will agree to the marriage and provide Rafe with his heir and spare. Once she has done her duty, he will let her go. Rafe is intrigued both by her beauty and by her utter disgust with the idea of being his bride. Women normally fall at his feet, not cringe away from him. However, since their arranged marriage is not something he can escape, he agrees to her terms.

But when he finds out on their wedding night the truth about her torture at the hands of his predecessor, he finds himself driven not just to fulfill his bargain with his new bride, but to introduce her to desire. While they move closer together, surrendering to wicked pleasures, dangerous emotions may violate every agreement they’ve made.

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  1. Such beautiful letters. I'd love to read their story. Thank you for sharing
    Happy Valentine's Day.
    Carol L
    Luky4750 (at) aol (dot). com

    1. Sorry, my email is Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com
      Carol L

  2. Interesting story line! Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. I can't wait to read this book. Thanks for sharing the letters.
    Happy Valentine's Day

  4. I'm loving these character love letters....such a great way to celebrate Valentine's Day.

  5. Loved the letters and I can't wait to read this book

  6. I've always enjoyed stories about Dukes!

  7. Thanks for the letters and a glimpse into The Other Duke.

  8. The letter from Rafe is a very romantic letter - thank you so very much for sharing with us.

  9. Happy Valentine's Day! Lovely love letters and interesting blurb.

  10. Happy Valentine's Day everyone! What sweet letters. Congrats to Jess on her newest release! Thanks for sharing!

  11. The book sounds great and the letters were beautiful. Happy Valentine's Day!

    Marcy Shuler

  12. I bought this book last month after I received a Christmas Amazon gift card...but haven't had the chance to read it yet. Now I am anxious to do so. The letters had me reaching for my fan, they were so intimate! I think I'm gonna love this romantic story sooo much. Thanks for the post.

  13. I love the premise of this book & the letters are so romantic!

  14. Happy Valentine's!!!
    Can't wait to read this novel!!!

  15. I love this book and all the books Jess writes.

  16. Jess Michael is one of my favorite and autobuy authors. She bring lively and sorrowful with a whole lotta stream. Most times, you will cry, laugh, cheer and fan yourself with her books.

  17. Rafe , I just super love his letter.

  18. This book sounds equally as good as the others I have read of Jess Michaels. I have added it to my TBR list

  19. By the sound of the blurb, Sarafina certainly can't be blamed for not wanting the marriage. It speaks volumes of his character, that Raphael becomes her champion and the love of her life as she is of his.
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  20. Wonderful letters, Jess!! I love that they go from resenting each other to loving each other so much they write letters even though their time apart is so short.