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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Review: His Call by Emma Hart

His Call by Emma Hart is a very short look into Aaron's POV from the Call Series. This novella contains ten scenes told from Aaron's POV, seven of which the reader has seen before if you have read Late Call and Final Call with three scenes being brand new. Because this novella is previous scenes told differently, this should be read after the two novels.

I will say that I really loved getting Aaron's POV. With Late Call and Final Call being told completely from Dayton's POV, we were never really able to see where Aaron was coming from or what he was doing when he wasn't with Dayton. There were so many pivotal events that occurred without Dayton present, that I had always wondered what really went down. In His Call, it was great to see everything that Aaron had been up to behind the scenes and the lengths he went to for Dayton. This novella made me wish that the first two books had been told in dual POV, because I felt like this really gave so much more understanding and depth to the story. While I appreciated getting any of Aaron's POV at all, this almost felt like a tease.

While I would definitely recommend this to fans of the series, it isn't necessary to the story. I wish that Aaron's POV had been a part of the two books, and that we would have been given even more of him. The seven previously seen scenes were great from Aaron's POV. But there wasn't really any new content other than his thoughts and feelings of what was going on instead of Dayton's. The three new scenes were night, and I felt that they added a lot to the story. But, I can't help but feel as though I was hoping for more. They were three great scenes in which we got to see different sides of Aaron than we did in the first two books, but I just felt that there wasn't that much new content here and that disappointed me a bit. I still think that this one is worth the read, especially if you enjoyed the first two books. I am a huge fan of Emma Hart at this point and I honestly cannot wait to get more from her in the future starting with Liv and Tyler's story. I loved getting a bit of them at the end of His Call, and it left me anxious for more!

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