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Sunday, July 26, 2015

ARC Review: Drunk on You by Teri Anne Stanley

Drunk on You is my first book by Teri Anne Stanley. I was drawn in immediately with the blurb though as it had pretty much every single box checked when it comes to my favorite tropes. There was a lot to like in this contemporary romance, but I found myself having a few issues with the story. As much as I wanted to love this story, it just wasn't for me. 

Allie has been in love with Greg Morgan for years. Their families have always been close since they co-own a distillery together. Greg was her older brother's best friend, and she always wanted to be with him. But when Greg and Dave are overseas serving their country, a tragic event takes Dave from them. Greg made Dave a promise to look out for Allie, and he knows part of that meant that she was off limits. But when Greg comes face to face with Allie, he knows that keeping his promise will be harder than ever when he sees the beautiful woman she has become. Allie is determined to make her newest idea for the distillery a success, even if it goes against what the family thinks. When Greg gets injured and she has to help him out, she views it as the perfect chance to get his help with her project. But along the way, Allie realizes that she still wants Greg as much as she did and she finds herself wanting more than just success when it comes to the company. But can she finally get Greg to see her as more than his best friend's little sister? 

I had a tough time relating to these characters, and honestly I didn't really feel invested in their story at all. Greg drank a lot, and he didn't really seem to have much in the way of redeeming qualities to me. He always called every girl in his life the same pet names and said they were his girl, and he never really seemed to grasp that it was a big deal to Allie or the others he said it to. I just didn't really ever get to the point that he won me over. He seemed to be drowning himself in bourbon and not willing to ever man up and grow up. He was reckless and I just didn't care for it. Allie was hopelessly in love with Greg, and she pretty much gave in to him at the drop of a hat. Then he would do or say something to irritate her, and she would push him away with no explanation. These two needed to talk to one another about everything, and they never really did. While they had chemistry and a long connection by growing up together, I didn't really ever feel that these two had a forever love kind of connection. They didn't even really say how they felt until right at the end of the book and by then it was too little too late. 

It took me awhile to get into this story, and even then I was often bored and wanting to skim a lot. The characters said and did things that to me were way older than their ages, often using expressions that came off as inaccurate for their age group. That along with the repetitious dialogue and thoughts of the characters just caused this book to drag and for me to lose interest. While there were some sweet moments that I enjoyed, this one overall was just a miss for me. I think that there are readers out there that will enjoy this book, but sadly this one fell flat in my opinion. Also, for some reason the blurb is showing that the character's name is Justin Morgan for some reason and yet the ARC I had the character's name is Greg Morgan. I'm not sure if the character's name was changed or if it is a mistake, but the rest of the blurb sounds like the story is the same.

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