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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

ARC Review: Frisk Me by Lauren Layne

Lauren Layne’s newest series New York’s Finest starts with a hate to love romantic comedy story between a NYCPD officer and an ambitious reporter. I love Lauren Layne and compared to her others this isn’t as angsty as some of her other books but just as good. The characters are easy to love they are not perfect and they work hard for their HEA; and Nonna is a hoot.

Luc Moretti is the youngest in a family of cops, well for the exception of his sister the defense attorney, his father is the retired Commissioner and all three of his brothers are officers of the law. They are a very close knit family Luc and two of his brothers live with their grandmother, Nonna, and whenever schedules allow they have a family Sunday dinner. Luc loves his job but he is torturing himself over something that he believes he could have prevented. When he becomes an internet sensation after getting caught on camera jumping into the East River to save a little girl and giving away his coat to a homeless man in the dead of winter the NYCPD isn’t shy about wanting to exploit his goodness to enrich the image of NYCPD, Luc just has to grin and bear it. That is until he is informed that a news reporter is going to start following him around for a three part feel good fluff piece.

Ava Sims is looking for her big break, she has worked hard in broadcasting to get the anchor position finally she has got her shot all she has to do is a feel good piece on a cop. Ava has had a run in with Officer Luc Moretti before and even after three years she still got that zing feeling down her back that she got the first time she argued with him over a parking ticket. Ava isn’t as immune to Luc as she pretends to be. Ava figured Luc would put up a good front about resisting the chance at his fifteen minutes of fame but she is surprised when he appears to really and honestly not want to do it; she is immediately suspicious that there is more to his story and she will find it.

The more time Ava spends with Luc the guiltier she feels about what she has to do if she wants the anchor spot. Luc has never had a woman affect him like Ava does but he still keeps the one thing from her just waiting for her to ask him about it not realizing it wasn’t common knowledge. Luc and Ava become intimate and their feelings grow to what is obvious to everyone except themselves. But when Ava makes the decision risk her relationship with Luc to further her career Luc pushes her away.

I loved the story and the relationship between Luc and Ava and the whole Moretti family. I can’t wait for the rest of the family’s story and for more of Nonna.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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