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Friday, July 31, 2015

Review: Dreamer's Daughter by Lynn Kurland

I was extremely disappointed in this book. At the end of River of Dreams, I had the feeling like the action was about to begin and I was pumped for it. What ended up happening was a whole lot of the slow, sameness from the previous two books.

Aisling and Runach have decided to get married. So the love story really doesn’t progress from the end of the previous book. This book really focuses on getting into Bruadair and finding answers to their questions of Aisling’s past. They travel from place to place, talking to people who don’t usually give straight answers and reading in libraries. Aisling’s mood changes at the tip of a hat from terrified to determined constantly.

The villain that Kurland builds up throughout the entire trilogy had such a weird turn at the end. I felt supper choppy and it was not well done. AIsling’s magic still leaves me mystified. I really don’t like that its oddities were never explained, nor its root existence.

I’m sad to say that there really isn’t more for me to say. Not a whole lot really happened here. I am absolutely shocked because normally I really love Lynn Kurland’s work. I know she could have done much better. It is also sad for me to say that because of this ending, I would not recommend this series. Hopefully, Kurland will turn around from this.

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