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Friday, March 18, 2016

ARC Review: Because by Jennifer Foor

Because is the fourth standalone story in Jennifer Foor's Seven Year Itch series. I have really enjoyed this series and I think part of what I love is that these books feel so genuine. These are couples struggling with life after they got their HEAs, and I love that Jennifer Foor has given us a look at what real life is like after marriage. Things aren't always rainbows and sunshine and relationships take a lot of work. I love seeing how she shows each of these couples hitting these low points in their relationships and then working to come back from that. 

Shayla Vincent has been married to her high school sweetheart for seven years. They got pregnant at a young age and got married to try to make things right and raise their daughter together. Though they do love each other, things have never been perfect in their relationship. Brandon isn't the man she needs him to be, and Brandon is tired of feeling like all Shayla does is nag. Shayla knows that something has to give, but will her leaving and asking for a separation be what mends their relationship or breaks it?

I really felt for Shayla here. She had some insecurities about her body that Brandon didn't help at all, and she was doubting his fidelity after she found out that he had been talking to women online. Brandon constantly went out with his friends leaving both her and their daughter at home. For someone who said that his daughter was his top priority, he definitely didn't seem to hold up to that. I understood exactly why Shayla was so frustrated, and honestly she had every right to be. I understood that she loved Brandon and wanted to make things work, but I also had a really hard time seeing how she could want to keep trying after all he had done. Brandon was a straight up jerk for a lot of this book, and I honestly wanted to hit him more than once. I kept hoping he would get better and redeem himself, and while he did improve, I still had a hard time ever liking him.

As much as I struggled with Brandon, I did like this story. Jennifer Foor has such a way of drawing you into her books and I never want to put them down. I love the angst and emotion that she brings to each story, and I think that is especially true with this series. Jennifer Foor is one of those authors that I immediately jump at the chance to read, and I always look forward to seeing what she will come up with next. I am already anxiously awaiting her next release. If you like some angst with your romance, I highly recommend giving Jennifer Foor's books a shot. Her stories aren't easy and the journey is often a bit rough, but each one I have read from her has been well worth it and I definitely can't wait to get my hands on more from her.

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