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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Review: Falling Completely by Aidan Willows

This was my first book by this author and I was really really glad I gave it a chance. I always hesitate about small town romances but this book is proof that sometimes you just have to journey outside of your comfort zone to find some gems. 

This is Caleb and Liya's story and is set to be the first in a Starling Falls series, I definitely plan on returning to Starling Falls. Liya moves to Starling Falls when her sister up and decides to take over their grandaunt’s bakery. Liya plans to make her stay short enough to help her sister before she returns to London to fulfill a life long dream of hers. But wait, there's more. Liya's well laid plans of becoming a doctor did not include the smoking hotness that is Caleb. Caleb is my favorite flavor- alpha, persistent, confident and a heart to match his ego. Liya has surrounded herself in military grade defense systems but Caleb (with some help from the supporting cast of characters) is able to work through all of it. For Liya's part, she is fun to follow as a character, between her smart mouth and walls she has built, this is definitely a thrill of the chase story and that's something that I thoroughly enjoy. 

So you want to know about chemistry? I'm here to tell you to have no fear. When I started the book, I was like 'aw this is really sweet but where's the heat?' Before I could get the question all the way out, the author de-livers. The interactions between Liya and Caleb crackle with tension and chemistry. The steam is really good and the connection between the characters seems totally genuine. I loved it because you got everything you wanted in this book. It was sweet, it was funny, great character banter and dialogue and then all of a sudden it was smoking hot too. So, a winner all around. 

Since this was a new author for me and might be for you, I should tell you that the book is just very well written. I got the impression that the author really thought about what she wanted to do with the plot and the characters and wove it all together in a really compelling way. You won't be bored for a minute. The only reason I didn't give this book 5 stars was because I did have a few moments of being annoyed at Liya. I know she had issues but after a while you're like GIRL, get a therapist, take a bubble bath, build a bridge and get over it, sheesh. That one small thing aside, this is a worthwhile read and I suggest you pick it up.

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