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Saturday, April 2, 2016

ARC Review: Cuff Me by Lauren Layne

Cuff Me is my third book in this 3 part series. The series follows the Moretti brothers and this one was the story of Vince. Each book is a standalone, you can start the series wherever you want.

I really liked Layne's storytelling. The story of Vince and JIll is woven together of parts of the Moretti story, a murder investigation and Jill's engagement to another man. The Moretti family make a great supporting cast. They highlight Jill's openness and Vince's grumpiness. The murder investigation in which Jill and Vince are involved keeps things really interesting and provides lots of opportunities for Jill and Vince to admit their feelings for one another...which of course they don't do for a really long time.

Jill and Vince have been partners for years. The funny thing is that EVERYBODY but them knows that they are in love with one another and is expecting them to get together. Jill gets understandably tired of waiting on Vince's broody ass and runs off to get engaged to some other wonderful guy. The thing that is so wild about this book is that Vince doesn't even try to hide his pissed offness about Jill's engagement. At the same time, he won't admit the cause of said grumpiness. Jill also catches herself worrying about the possibility that Vince is going to get with someone else without admitting to herself why that is.

The reason this book didn't quite make it to 4 stars for me, despite being good, is because the feeling denial just went on too damn long. By the 50% mark I was like oh for the love it, figure it out and get to the steamy stuff. Sadly, the round and round went on far beyond that point and it just started to drive me crazy. You might be a more patient reader than me. That's a pretty low bar. In light of my inordinate impatience, I'm recommending this book for most lovers of contemporary romance with a splash of suspense.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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  1. I want to read this series, but I could see why you got frustrated. Over 50% and still in denial and engaged to someone else does keep me from enjoying the romance.