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Thursday, March 31, 2016

ARC Review: Down to My Soul by Kennedy Ryan

Down to My Soul is the second book in the Soul series from Kennedy Ryan. This book is not a standalone and needs to be read after My Soul to Keep. After the cliffhanger of the first book I could not wait to get my hands on the second part of Rhys and Kai's story. Kennedy Ryan never disappoints, and I really loved this book just as much as the first one. 

Down to My Soul picks up right after where My Soul to Keep left off. Rhys and his past and secrets caught up with him when he told Kai lies. It tore them apart and Kai walked away from him. But Rhys wants nothing more than to win her back. Kai has secrets of her own though, and is forced to face them. But the connection between Kai and Rhys is one that neither of them can let go of, but will their secrets destroy any chance of a future together? 

I really love these two. They frustrated me at times, but part of that was because I felt so emotionally invested in them that I just wanted them to figure everything out. The connection that these two have is so unique and special, and honestly is one of the strongest I have ever read about. I really felt like even though they had secrets and weren't always being open and honest with each other, that the way they interacted with one another was so different from what you typically find in romance. Even with them not telling each other everything, their communication felt strong which isn't something that you find often. I really believed these two were meant for one another, and though they had issues and secrets that there had to be a way for them to move past it all. 

Overall, this was a great conclusion to Rhys and Kai's story. I felt so connected to these characters, and these books gave me all the feels. These two had chemistry and an undeniable bond that nothing could break, and I loved seeing them continue to grow and change over the course of these two books. Kennedy Ryan is a great writer, and her books always deliver such depth and emotion. Though I have loved everything she has written, I really feel like the Soul series might be my favorite. These books are just so good, and I couldn't put them down. I highly recommend giving this series a shot if you are looking for a beautiful and emotional romance. I can't wait to see what Kennedy Ryan writes next!

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