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Saturday, April 9, 2016

ARC Review: Dirty Sexy Inked by Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde

Dirty Sexy Inked is the second book in the Dirty Sexy series from Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde. Each book is a standalone story with interconnected characters. I hadn't read the previous book in the series before starting this one, and I had no problems understanding anything. This book was a lot of fun and I really liked Katrina and Mason together. 

Katrina Sands is tired of watching her best friend Mason Kincaid go through an endless stream of women, and knows that as soon as they return home after the wedding of Mason's brother and Katrina's friend that she needs to make some changes to her life. But when a hot night in Vegas leads to them hooking up, both Katrina and Mason know that their relationship has been forever changed and that there is no going back to just being friends. 

I really liked these two. They had a strong connection right from the start, and I loved that they had so much history. Mason had always looked out for her and was determined to be her protector. I loved how close they were, and yet I hated that both of them had wanted more from each other but had always been too scared to admit their feelings. Katrina was smart and sweet, and I she was really easy to like and relate to. Mason and Katrina had so much chemistry between them, and their years of friendship while they each wanted more had built up so much tension between them. I couldn't believe that nothing had happened before with all the sparks flying between these two! 

While I did like the characters and the story, I did feel like Mason's complete transformation from manwhore to knowing Katrina was the one and only for him seemed to happen extremely fast. It was almost as if a switch had been flipped, and I just didn't find that realistic here. I still really liked the book though, and I can't wait to read Levi's story next as well as go back to read Clay's story also. If you like some steam with your contemporary romance, this is definitely a friends to lovers story worth taking a chance on! I look forward to reading more from Erika Wilde and Carly Phillips in the future.

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