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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

ARC Review: Trust Me by Sophie Holloway

Trust Me is the third installment in the Lessons in Seduction series by Sophie Holloway. This is the last part of the series and does need to be read in order as it continues Eva and Jack's story. Trust Me picks up right where Take Me left off, with Eva having been taken. Jack is determined to get her back and do whatever it takes to protect her and find those responsible. But can Jack and Eva figure out who is behind everything, and will they be able to figure it out before it is too late? 

Jack and Eva's connection seemed to be stronger here than in previous books, even if it still felt a bit rushed to me. I feel like we never fully saw it develop, but with everything that has happened it was more believable that their feelings would intensify with that. I wish I had seen them really get to know one another better, since there weren't that many interactions between them besides their lessons. The chemistry and heat was still there for them and as strong as ever, but I was just never fully sold on their relationship turning into more because I didn't feel like their emotional connection was fully developed. I wanted to believe in them, but I just didn't see enough happen to find it entirely realistic.  

The other thing that kept me from loving this series was the mystery/suspense portion of this series. Things seemed to be resolved far too easily and while there were some twists here they were a bit too far fetched for me to believe at times. I really wanted to love this series, but overall it just fell a bit flat for me. It wasn't a horrible series by any means, but it wasn't anything really special or fantastic either. It didn't hold my interest like I had hoped, and the main reason I continued after the first installment was to find out what happened as things played out. If you like some mystery/suspense with your romance and are looking for some quick reads, you might give this series a shot. This one was just okay for me though.

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