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Sunday, April 3, 2016

ARC Review: Hunter by Blaire Drake

Hunter is the second book I have read from Blaire Drake, and I really enjoyed it! This standalone story had a lot of action and steam, and I liked the characters a lot. I am already looking forward to reading more from Blaire Drake and I hope that she writes more in this world. 

Adriana and her mother fled when she was a child after her mob boss father sold her. With just her mom and the man that became like a father to her, Adriana left behind her best friend and first love Hunter. Now ten years later, Carlo "Hunter" Rosso is her father's assassin and has been sent to kill her after learning that she didn't die ten years prior as he had been told. But Adriana is determined to take the throne since the mafia blood is on her mother's side and was never her father's to have.

I really liked both Addy and Hunter. These two had a ton of chemistry and history, and I really liked how they had so much between them even after all the time that they were apart. They were both different people than they were as kids though, and each had a lot to learn about who they had become. Addy was strong and determined and I liked her a lot. Hunter had a darkness to him from all that he had been through and done, yet when it came to Addy he had a vulnerable and softer side that was good to see as well. While I felt their connection was still strong after all the time that had passed, I would have liked to have seen them spending a bit more time together and reconnecting. There was quite a bit of push and pull between them, and I never felt like we got to see them fully reconnect here.

I think part of the reason that I felt like we didn't get to see them reconnect as much as I would have liked is because the focus seemed to be more on the suspense and mafia action here than the romance. The romance almost felt like a sub-plot rather than what was driving the story. I had hoped that we would get to see more development when it came to the romance and Hunter and Addy's relationship, but that didn't happen as much as I would have liked. I will say that I did like them together when they weren't pushing each other away or focusing on all that they had been through, and I liked where things ended. I just would have liked to have been given more of them actually working on their relationship and seeing how they made the transition to more. I really hope that we get more in this world though as I said before. Addy's friends Angelo and Gaige were great, and I would love to get more of each of them! If you like some steam and suspense, I would definitely give this one a shot. Just make sure that you know that this isn't stricly a romance novel, and that the suspense and action portion is quite a bit of the story before diving in.

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