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Saturday, April 30, 2016

ARC Review: Ladies Man by Katy Evans

I am so torn after finishing this book that I don't even really know exactly what to think. I was so excited to get Tahoe and Gina's story from Katy Evans after reading the first couple of Manwhore series books. I loved them and the chemistry between them promised some serious sparks. I have to say though that this is not entirely what I had been hoping for when it came to their story. There were some moments where I genuinely loved them and what was happening between them. But there were also a lot of things here that didn't work for me and left me feeling disappointed.

Tahoe and Gina met when their best friends Rachel and Saint met and fell in love. Tahoe is a cocky manwhore who loves having a good time, but doesn't do more than a night with anyone. He is used to getting any woman he wants and having as many as he wants. But Gina is different, and he knows that she deserves better than someone like him no matter how much he wishes that was different. Gina is looking for someone who will stay by her side and treat her like she deserves, and as much as she wishes that was Tahoe, she knows that it isn't. So Gina and Tahoe decide to be friends, though the closer they become the more that line begins to blur. But with Gina finding someone and trying to make it work, and Tahoe convinced that he isn't good enough for Gina, they both find themselves back wondering what would happen if they acted on the connection between them.

I really struggled throughout this book with both Tahoe and Gina. Gina came off as extremely insecure, whiny and weak at times and it was so hard to relate to her for me. Yes she had been hurt in the past, but I didn't really feel as though that explained her actions throughout this story. She frustrated me with her behavior and I just didn't feel 100% invested in her character and the outcome. Tahoe was cocky and sexy, and had some surprisingly sweet moments and in those I really loved him. But he was such a player and I really hated the fact that he was with so many different women throughout this entire book even knowing that he felt more for Gina. I kept waiting for that moment where he would wake up and stop screwing around, but it was so late in coming that I just found myself giving up on him. These two clearly had a connection and chemistry and they were great together, yet the fact that they were with others for about 80% of this book just killed any chance I had of being fully satisfied with any relationship between them. 

Overall, I think that there was so much potential for these two that just never was realized. They were so much fun together and had a lot of steam, yet I wasn't able to get over the constant parade of women Tahoe went through or the fact that Gina was trying to force a relationship with someone else. There was a scene towards the end that really solidified all that when Gina asked Tahoe not to sleep with someone else and he told her he was going to anyways. Not only did it make me angry, but it just ruined any chance I had at really believing that anything between these two could work out long term. The feelings between them clearly weren't an issue here, but it was the fact that they both acknowledged what was happening and yet Tahoe still went ahead with sleeping with another girl after Gina asked him not to. Between the character issues and the OM/OW drama here, this was just really disappointing and didn't live up to how I had hoped this story would play out. As much as I have loved books by Katy Evans, I have to say that this was not my favorite of hers and it made me sad to see these two vibrant and strong characters reduced to what they were here. I know I will read more from Katy Evans in the future, and I definitely look forward to the next in this series. Unfortunately though Ladies Man just didn't fully work for me.

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