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Monday, April 25, 2016

ARC Review: Wicked Need by Sawyer Bennett

Wicked Need is the third book in this series about the Silo fantasy sex club and its super freaky patrons. I read the last book in the series but I have not gotten around to reading the first although I plan to do that some day. You don't have to read these books in order, you can start wherever you want. In fact, I didn't think this book contained any specific spoilers of the book before it.

This is Cat and Rand's story. If you read any of the other books in this series you know that Cat has been screwed in every filthy way you can imagine at the Silo. In the past she came to the club with her old decrepit husband who liked to watch. After he passed away Cat returned to the club by herself to do more truly crazy ish. Rand is one of the club fantasy makers who we have also met in the past. Rand goes every which way, if it feels good he does it and lets it be done to him. I'm not really into the m/m scenes and you should be warned there is a lengthy one in this book. But, if that is your thing you will be happy and even if it's not and you're like me, there is plenty of steam for you to enjoy in this book.

Cat falls on some hard times and Rand finds himself rescuing her from a bad situation. Almost immediately Rand starts to see Cat as more than a woman from the club who has been ran through more times than the tunnel at the Patriots stadium. The vulnerable position that Cat is in cast her in a new light in Rand's eyes and for the first time he appreciates her as more than just an object of pleasure. As for Rand, it turns out that he's just a really great guy. Even though he screws whatever walks upright, once he is with Cat, he is totally with her. He has no problem giving up all of his other pleasure unless it's for Cat's pleasure. I love that Rand is protective of Cat and possessive. I loved even more that Rand was good at knowing what Cat needed and backing off enough to let her find it on her own.

The issue with Cat is that her sexual history is really sordid and she has some self esteem issues as a result of it. Even though Rand knows all her dirty secrets from the beginning of their relationship (and he even participated in creating some of them), Cat struggles to believe that Rand could want her. At one point in the book she refers to herself as "well used." Listen, I love that Rand was able to look behind Cat's freaky history and see the wonderful woman she was but I like the author gave a realistic depiction of Cat. Anyone who had to do the things Cat did to survive might feel some type of way about themselves on the back end, the author addresses that issue head on and I was very satisfied with the resolution.

If there were any negatives for me in this book it would be that it was a little bit predictable in terms of the plot and had a few slow moving parts. These were pretty minor issues in what was overall a well written novel with well developed characters and some great sex scenes!

**ARC provided by Author**

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