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Friday, April 29, 2016

ARC Review: Over the Line by Lisa Desrochers

Over the Line is the second book in the On the Run series by Lisa Desrochers. While this book could technically standalone, I wouldn't recommend it. Lisa Desrochers does give some of the backstory here, but I think in order to really get the full history and enjoyment out of this book it should be read after the first in the series, Outside the Lines. 

Over the Line is Lee Delgado's story. She never planned to fall in love with Oliver Savoca, especially since he was the son of a Chicago crime lord that just happened to be her family's rival. Having to run to protect their family, Lee and her siblings head to Florida in the witness protection program. But when Lee learns that there is a contract on her life, all signs point to it being Oliver and she must work with a federal agent to bring him down. But as she grows closer to Sean the agent while working with him, she can't help but realize that she is still in love with Oliver, despite his betrayal. 

Lee and Oliver's story was one I couldn't wait to get my hands on after first learning about them in Outside the Lines. I love forbidden romance stories, and theirs was one that I knew would be interesting since they never should have been with one another. Their families were rivals, giving them a bit of a Romeo and Juliet sort of story and I definitely wanted to know more. I will say that I wish we had been given a bit more of their backstory though, as I would have loved more of their past. Lee and Oliver were hot, and there was definitely more heat in this story than there was in the first despite this one being a bit of a slow build. The other thing I will warn readers about here is that there is a bit of a triangle going on here, so if that is something you dislike you might take that into consideration. 

All that being said though, I am enjoying this series. It is a bit on the slow side at times, but I think that these books are worth the read. I like the characters a lot and I find them all very interesting. I think that if you can stick with these through the slow parts that the series is one a lot of readers will enjoy. Lisa Desrochers delivered suspense and steam and this one entertained me, even if I didn't absolutely love it. I look forward to reading more from Lisa Desrochers and continuing this series. If you are looking for something with some suspense and heat, I would recommend giving this series a shot.

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