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Sunday, May 29, 2016

ARC Review: The Crown of the Queen by Jeffe Kennedy

I read The Crown of the Queen at the wrong time. Jeffe Kennedy started a series called The Twelve Kingdoms and I have yet to read it. I had the opportunity to read this little novella and thought it would be a great intro to this author. I had thought that this was a short love story to introduce a completely different series set in the same world. From what I've now researched and read, this new series is really just a continuation of the first three. I think I would have enjoyed this novella much more if I had read the first three books.

Dafne was apparently very helpful to the three leads in the first trilogy, and she is now called back to the palace to help the new queen. Ursula has been avoiding having a formal coronation and finalizing her ascension to the throne. Dafne basically gives her the kick in the butt Ursula needs to take care of business. For such a short book, the author went into a lot of detail to catch the reader up as to what happened in the first trilogy. This was hard to get through, very slow, and somewhat unnecessary for any reader. It picks up a bit later, but I felt it lacked a solid interesting plot.

That's basically all that really happens here. I've learned the full length book following this one, Pages of the Mind, is still about Dafne. I think there will be a better romance and fantasy plot in this new book. I don't know all the details of this world so maybe there was other important information revealed, but it was missed by me. I suggest reading this novella if you've read the first trilogy and want some bonus material to hold you over until Pages of the Mind is released. Otherwise, pass this one up.

**ARC provided by Author**


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