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Monday, May 30, 2016

Guest Post with Author Ally Broadfield and Giveaway

Ally lives in Texas and is convinced her house is shrinking, possibly because she shares it with three kids, five dogs, a cat, a rabbit, and several reptiles. Oh, and her husband. She likes to curse in Russian and spends most of her spare time letting dogs in and out of the house and shuttling kids around. She writes historical romance set in Regency England and Imperial Russia.

Do you believe that certain people are meant to be together? I do. The hero and heroine from my new release, One Last Kiss, grew up as childhood sweethearts, but were separated for many years by the Napoleonic Wars. When they finally meet again, they have the chance to find out if the really are meant to be together. I think it was movies in particular that made me want to write a story with a couple who seem destined for each other, so I’d like to share some of my favorites in this genre (and I’ll try to avoid any spoilers just in case you haven’t seen any of these).

50 First Dates – Starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, this story features a heroine who suffered a traumatic brain injury that causes her memory to reset every night, which keeps her from being able to remember anything that happened after her accident. Every day the hero has to start from scratch to make her fall back in love with him all over again.

Only You – A childhood encounter with a Ouija board has convinced Faith (Marissa Tomei) that her one true love is named Damon Bradley. Mere days before her wedding, she discovers that he is in Venice and impulsively heads to Italy to find him. Instead, she meets Peter (Robert Downey, Jr.) and has to decide which man she’s really meant to be with.

Return to Me – Bob (David Duchovny) is happily married until his wife dies in a tragic car accident. Several months later, he meets Grace (Minnie Driver) who finally helps him emerge from his grief. All seems well until she discovers that she received Bob’s wife’s heart when she had a life-saving transplant.

Serendipity – Jonathan (John Cusak) has a chance meeting with Sara (Kate Beckinsale) when they both try to buy the same pair of gloves, and they spend a magical day together. Though they’re falling for each other, she believes that if they’re meant to be, fate will bring them together, so she writes her first name and phone number in a used book, and he writes his on a five dollar bill. Years pass and both of them are questioning their approaching nuptials, but they have to rely on fate to reunite them.

Sleepless in Seattle – After his wife dies, Sam’s (Tom Hanks) son phones a call-in radio show and asks them to find a new wife for his dad, and they cajole Sam into baring his heart on the air. Thousands of women write letters to him, and Annie (Meg Ryan) impulsively asks him to meet her at the Empire State Building on New Year’s Eve. Though Sam wants nothing to do with any of the women who wrote to him, his son sneaks off to New York to meet Annie.

Somewhere in Time – Playwright Richard (Christopher Reeves) becomes enamored with the photograph of a long-dead actress named Elise (Jane Seymour). As he becomes more obsessed with her, he discovers that time travel is possible and they meet and fall in love, but her jealous manager is determined to keep them apart.

You’ve Got Mail – Another movie starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. This time, the heroine is the owner of a struggling children’s bookshop, and the hero’s family owns a chain of corporate bookstores that are driving her out of business. The two meet online through a chat room and secretly engage in an intense, anonymous online romance while in real life, their dislike for each other continues to grow. Then Joe discovers the identity of his online paramour and has to decide if there’s any way to reconcile their differences.

What are your favorite “meant to be” movies? Did I miss some?

Their love transcended time…

London, 1812

Captain Mikhail Abromovich would rather single-handedly face the entire French army than follow orders to deceive Anna, the woman of his heart, by feigning a courtship to hide his covert activities.

Ever since a gossip sheet revealed the details of her extensive dowry, Princess Anna Tarasova has been overrun by fortune-hunting lords. When her childhood sweetheart mysteriously appears in London and asks to court her, it seems too good to be true.

For Mikhail, who is both soldier and spy, being chosen to represent Russia in secret negotiations with Britain should be the assignment of a lifetime. But once his deception is revealed, he’s certain Anna won’t believe his love is real.

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  1. Love Sleepless in Seattle. Totally classic and can watch it a million times.

    1. I agree, Kim! I think I have watched it a million times. :)

  2. Thanks so much for hosting me today!

  3. "While You Were Sleeping" with Sandra Bullock & Bill Pullman is a favorite movie that I watch yearly or more on cable TV. Truly meant to be couple.

  4. The rafflecopter PIN image entry has a problem with not valid picture?

  5. Made of Honor was one of my favorites!

    1. I've never seen it all the way through, but it sounds like I need to! I do like me some Patrick Dempsey.

  6. Oh I think I could watch Sleepless In Seattle over and over again! So good! I also really loved Safe Haven!