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Monday, May 30, 2016

ARC Review: Sordid by Nikki Sloane

Sordid is a standalone story from Nikki Sloane. I have read and loved her Blindfold Club series, so I couldn't wait to read this one when I saw she had a new release coming out. While there have been some darker elements to a few of her BC series books, I have to warn readers that Sordid is darker than anything I have read from Nikki Sloane before. This book will not be for everyone, and if you are sensitive to books with sexual consent issues I will tell you that you probably shouldn't read this book. However if you are a fan of dark stories and can handle some dubious consent, Sordid is definitely one worth reading. 

Addison has spent years trying to work up the courage to talk to Luka. He was her TA two years ago, and since then they have both changed. So when they run into each other at a party, she finally takes the chance to get to talk to him. But Luka is not like she expected at all and Addison soon finds herself in a dark and twisted world she never knew existed. The more she struggles to break free, the more she finds herself drawn to Luka despite everything. But can Addison escape her new circumstances or will she discover that not only does she not want to escape, but that she belongs there? 

Luka is about as far from a hero as you can get. He is dark and twisted, and can even at times be described as a villain. However he was also sexy and commanding, and I found myself just as drawn to him as Addison was. There was just something about him that made you want him, and it was easy to see how Addison became so caught up in his world. Addison was smart and driven, and yet she also had moments where she was a bit naive. I really liked her though and I felt like I understood her. The chemistry between these two was so strong that it was easy to see how feelings were developing even when most would question them. I couldn't get enough of these two though. 

I will say that I wish we had been given more Luka. This story was told from Addison's POV, and I really would have liked Luka's POV as well. I wanted his thoughts and to really see what he was thinking so much throughout this book. I also felt like it would have been nice to get more of his background as well. We did get some of it, but I found myself greedy and wanting more. I felt the chemistry between Luka and Addison and at times the connection as well, but I felt like we didn't fully see the emotional connection develop between Luka and Addison here. At times it just felt forced due to the circumstances, and I wanted to see more of that happen naturally so that I could fully believe in them. I think part of that was because the sex almost seemed to get in the way of that. While I enjoy a good sex scene as much as the next girl, there was just so much here that I felt like the rest of the story suffered a bit and I found myself wanting to skim at times to get back to the story. Overall though another really great story from Nikki Sloane. I have enjoyed everything that I have read from her, and seeing this darker side to her was something that I really liked. I know that I will read whatever she writes next, and I highly recommend her books if you are looking for erotic romance stories that push some boundaries.

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