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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

ARC Review: Je Suis a Toi by Pepper Winters

Je Suis a Toi is the newest addition to the Monsters in the Dark series by Pepper Winters. This novella takes place after the first three books in the series and continues the story of Q and Tess. If you have not read the previous books in this series, you will need to start there. Q and Tess are married and happy enjoying the life they have made together. They have the same desires and needs, and have figured out exactly what works for them. But when Tess can tell that something is bothering Q, she will do whatever it takes to discover his secret and fix it. But Q struggles to let her in and as he begins to pull away, Tess begins to wonder if she can fix it before things get worse. 

It was so great to see more of Tess and Q. I love when we get to see couples down the line into their HEA. There are always things that come up in relationships, and I enjoy seeing how they work through those things and function as a couple. So to see these two happy yet still wanting more and figuring out how to make that work was fascinating to me. I will say though that Q frustrated me beyond belief pretty much the entire way through this story! I seriously wanted to shake him at times, but I have to hand it to Tess for how she handled it. The love between these two is so unique and special, and Tess knew exactly what Q needed. These two are absolutely meant to be, and I was so glad that Tess was able to be patient with Q while also pushing him when he needed it. 

Overall, this was a great installment into Tess and Q's story. Fans of the Monsters in the Dark series will love this one and find this novella to be a must read. Not only do we get more Tess and Q, but we also got to see several familiar faces here as well. It was great to get more of each of them and see how their lives were playing out as well. Pepper Winters is a great writer, and this novella really felt like the cherry on top of what is already such a fantastic series. Je Suis a Toi was just that little bit extra that you didn't know you needed, and I am so glad that Pepper Winters gave these characters the ending that they deserved.

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