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Saturday, March 11, 2017

ARC Review: Devil You Know by L.A. Fiore

With each new book I read from L.A. Fiore, I wonder what took me so long to read her books in the first place! I am becoming a huge fan of hers, and I absolutely love her emotional stories. Devil You Know is the first book in a new series from her, the Lost Boys series. This is a second chance romance, and one I would highly recommend. 

Damian's childhood was one of sadness and constantly feeling alone until he met Cam. The two formed a fast friendship and through Cam, Damian met Cam's twin sister Thea. Thea and Damian instantly clicked and things evolved from there. Soon friendship turned into more, but Damian enlisted and Thea went off to college. Life got in their way, but thirteen years later Damian returns home. Though both Thea and Damian have changed, their connection remains as strong as ever. But Damian is determined to keep Thea at arm's length, until Damian finds himself doing anything to keep Thea safe when she is threatened. Do Damian and Thea have a second chance at love together? Or will there be too much trying to keep them apart?

I loved these two. I felt so much for Damian, and I was so glad that he found Cam and Thea's family. He needed to feel and see love and support, and their family took him in as if he were their own. Even though Damian and Thea were young and in love, they encouraged each other to pursue their dreams even though that meant being away from one another. While it broke my heart at times, I loved that they wanted each other to live the lives they each dreamed of. Thea was easy to like and root for, and I felt for her just as much as I did Damian. These two lived a huge chunk of their lives apart from one another, and that was often sad and tough to get through. Yet I felt like these two were always meant to be together, and without everything that they had gone through they wouldn't have ended up where they did. 

There was so much chemistry and connection between them, that you just knew they had to find a way back to one another. There was so much more going on than you first might see, and I couldn't put this book down. It was emotional and intense, captivating the reader from the first word to the last. This book does have a good dose of angst, and I know that some readers might struggle a bit with that but trust me this one is worth the read. I honestly cannot recommend L.A. Fiore's books enough, and Devil You Know is another fantastic read from her. I am really looking forward to continuing this series and seeing what she has in store for us next.

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