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Thursday, June 19, 2014

ARC Review: Burned by Sarah Morgan

Burned by Sarah Morgan is the second Miller Sisters book, but can be read as a standalone. This is a short story and is only about 83 pages. Despite the length though, I really enjoyed this one. It was sexy and sweet, and had just the perfect amount of sexual tension. Rosie Miller is having a bad week. She just found out that the gym she works for has been bought and will be under new management and now she is being dumped by her boring boyfriend. If that wasn't bad enough she is being dumped right in front of her ex that broke her heart and left her five years ago. When Hunter Black follows her after she leaves the restaurant he helps her out and refuses to leave her until he sees her home safely. She thinks that is the end of things but then she finds out that he is her new boss at the gym. The connection between them is still there, but can they move forward and get over the past?

Hunter Black was sexy and sweet, and I loved that he looked out for Rosie. He wouldn't allow her to be put in danger and was determined to protect her, even though he knew she was a capable woman. I liked that he helped her train and wasn't intimidated by her being as athletic as she was and by her being into martial arts. Rosie was strong and independent, and yet she also had a vulnerable side. She had been hurt by what happened with Hunter in the past, and she blamed a lot of it on herself. But she didn't let that stop her from being successful in her career, and I really liked how passionate she was about what she did. Rosie and Hunter were super hot together, and you could feel the tension between them. Their feelings and attraction had never gone away, and I liked seeing them rekindle their relationship.

Overall, this book was really good. I liked the steam and heat, and I really enjoyed the tension between them. I was surprised that the length of this story didn't seem to hurt anything that happened between them, and I found everything to be real and believable. It definitely helped that they had known each other so well in the past, but they seemed to step so easily back into their roles from before. I think this is a great story if you are looking for something short and sexy that ends happily. I look forward to reading more from Sarah Morgan in the future, and after reading this one I will definitely read the first Miller Sisters book Ripped.

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