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Monday, June 16, 2014

ARC Review: Legal Briefs by N.M. Silber

Legal Briefs is the third book in the Lawyers in Love series by N.M. Silber. This book can be read as a standalone, but I would highly recommend starting at the beginning if you haven't already read the first two books. These stories are fantastic, and they have everything that you could ask for in an entertaining and captivating read. There is always love, sex, and humor and I just love N.M. Silber's writing style. I can never get enough of these characters and their stories, and I always breeze right through them because I just can't put them down.

Adam and Lily have been enemies since childhood. It all started when Adam licked Lily's fruit roll up and Lily put glitter in Adam's hair. Over the years they have never stopped fighting, and things have progressively become worse. Suddenly though their feelings are starting to change for one another, and they are unable to fight the attraction between them. Adam has grown tired of hooking up with random girls and Lily is tired of just writing about romance. Adam and Lily decide that they are finally ready to try something between them. Before long they are no longer fighting as much and the tension between them has turned into something much more passionate. Can Lily and Adam make the switch from enemies to lovers without everything ending in disaster while trying to avoid the many obstacles that are thrown in their way?

I loved Adam. He is cocky and sarcastic and has always given Lily a hard time. He makes fun of her and purposely annoys her to try and get a reaction. But you could tell that he was always like that with her because he had feelings for her. He might not have always known how to handle them, but it was obvious that they were there. I liked that he was possessive of her and made sure that he staked his claim. He was also really protective, and I liked that once he had figured his feelings out he didn't have any problems changing his life and making an effort for Lily. Lily was funny and sweet and a lot more feisty than I had expected. I knew from the previous books that she was more than just a librarian and that she also wrote romance books. But it was nice to really get to see more of her personality and everything that was sort of hidden under her librarian facade. I think that Adam and Lily were absolutely a perfect match and they had such a great connection on all levels. They were so hot together and it was great to see all their tension and banter finally explode into more.

Overall, I thought that this book was a really great addition to the Lawyers in Love series. I honestly didn't think that I would like Adam and Lily as much as Gabrielle and Braden. I had become so attached to those characters that I was really not expecting them to be surpassed. But Lily and Adam were just as great if not better, and I ended up adoring them both! Legal Briefs still had the humor and banter as well as the great sex that I have come to expect from N.M. Silber. However I felt like this book wasn't quite as humorous as the previous books, and I think that this story focused a little more on Adam and Lily's relationship rather than the group as a whole. There were less group interactions, and even though I love all the characters it honestly didn't bother me at all. I didn't miss it like I thought I would because I was so drawn in by Adam and Lily and I was invested in their relationship right from the start. We still got some really great moments with everyone, but this story had a slightly different feel than the first two books. My only reason for not rating this book higher is that I felt the ending was rushed. This book is definitely a high four and had it not been so rushed at the end it would have been a five for me. Adam and Lily really surprised me, and I just loved them both. This series is one of my absolute favorites and these books are must reads for anyone who likes some humor with their romance. I can't wait to get more of all these characters and see what crazy adventures await them in the future. N.M. Silber is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors, and her books are definitely auto-buy for me at this point. I highly recommend this series and anything from N.M. Silber.

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