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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

ARC Review: Stranded with a Billionaire by Jessica Clare

Logan Hawkings is a member of the elite billionaires club. All born to money and using it to help each other make more. It’s a small fraternity of six men. Logan hears of a tropical resort up for sale and decides to check it out. Bronte Dawson, a waitress from Kansas City and philosophy aficionado, wins a trip for two from a radio station to the same resort. Her friend, Sharon, is constantly complaining. When a hurricane blows in, Bronte goes back to the room to search for Sharon’s passport. On the way back to the evacuation buses, she gets stuck in an elevator with Logan. She thinks he’s a manager at the hotel. He never tells her he owns the place. The two are stranded at the resort for the duration of the hurricane. They both scavenge for food, clothes, and supplies. They impress each other and a physical attraction grows. They enjoy each other and the deserted beach. His friend and fellow billionaire, Jonathan, shows up in a helicopter to rescue them. Bronte starts to understand Logan’s true profession and wealth. They arrive at Jonathan’s Miami estate. She slips out and grabs a cab to the airport and flies back to Missouri. He buys the diner where she works and coaxes her to travel to New York City to spend time with him. The world of clothes, limos, and opulence overwhelms her. Plus a quick conversation with Logan’s ex-fiancĂ©e helps her see why he’s so guarded. Bronte moves in with Gretchen, Logan’s assistant’s sister. Bronte proposes she and Logan date to get to know each other. Their worlds are different, but they find a small corner to thrive in.

Logan is beyond alpha. He’s domineering and always runs the show. He’s a control freak. Bronte objects, but then gives in to him. All the billionaires seem to have a predator mindset, especially when it comes to women. Hunter, a scarred billionaire, wants Gretchen. He demands information about her from Bronte. She accuses him of being a stalker, but gives up details any way. These boys refuse to take no for an answer. They pester people until they wear them down or buy businesses out from under them. Logan buys the diner in Kansas City and a coffee shop in New York to force Bronte to speak to him. Excessive, oppressive, and manipulating behavior. Not romantic or loving gestures at all. Bronte will never be treated as his equal in life.

The best parts were Plato’s and other philosophers’ quotes. Bronte sprinkles them through her conversation and they fit the situations perfectly.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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