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Monday, June 16, 2014

ARC Review: Fall To You by Lexi Ryan

Fall To You is the second book in Lexi Ryan's Here and Now series, and is meant to be read in order. This is the continuing story of Hannah, Nate and Max. If you haven't read Lost In Me yet, you are definitely going to want to read that book first so that you know what is going on and has happened plus its an amazing book! I have been waiting for this next installment since I finished the first book, and I can honestly say that this book was worth the wait! I am absolutely loving this series and these books are beyond fantastic. I need the next book after reading this one and I cannot wait to get my hands on it!

Fall To You picks up where Lost In Me left off with what is going on in the present, but we are also given more of the past. Hannah is still trying to figure out her present with both Nate and Max, and she is also still piecing together her past. When we left off at the end of the first book, Hannah has just found out that not only is she not the virgin she thought she was, but that she is also pregnant. As she struggles with trying to find out who the father is, she is also having a tough time trying to navigate how to tell her mother than the wedding is off with Max. Hannah doesn't know if she can trust Max and the things that he is telling her, yet she knows that she still loves him. Hannah also knows that she loves Nate, but that he would make her no promises of a future together. As more truths are revealed, the more Hannah begins to question everything. How can she possibly chose one guy when they both have part of her heart and she still doesn't have all of her memories?

If you read my review of Lost In Me, you know that I have been solidly Team Nate from the beginning. I knew that Max had been hiding things from Hannah and that there were things about him that we didn't know. I liked him well enough, but I just felt like Nate was the one for Hannah. He cared about her for who she really was and he seemed to bring out the best in her. She seemed to really come alive with him, and she also seemed to feel more comfortable with him. While I still love Nate and think that he and Hannah belong together, this book really made me start to see how Hannah was also really great with Max as well. Max really did care about Hannah, and we get to see so much more of him in Fall To You. I was glad that we got to understand more of Max's character and see how he was willing to fight for Hannah and give her whatever she needed. He went out of his way to give her whatever he could, and he was really sweet with her. Hannah could very easily be with either Nate or Max and have a happy life and a great relationship with either of them. She has chemistry with both and she also has an emotional connection with both. But they bring out completely different sides of her, and I still think that Nate is the right choice for her even though I love Max now too.

 This series has really brought on the emotions, and Fall To You was no different than the first when it came to being an emotional roller coaster. We are still discovering so much about Hannah's past and everything that happened before the accident. There is so much left to be revealed, and after this cliffhanger I am dying to know what happens next. I have to admit that I didn't expect to end up liking Max as much as I did, and he really surprised me in this book. I missed Nate in this one though, and this book focused much more on Max than Nate. I really hope that we get a lot of Nate in the next book, because I love his character so much. I also love how this series really keeps you guessing. There are twists and turns and for every question answered so many more come up. I can't wait to read All For This and see how things turn out and get more of Hannah's story. Lexi Ryan is a great writer and I absolutely love her writing style. She draws you in from the very beginning and keeps you interested well beyond the last page. These characters are interesting and deep, and their story feels so real to me. I highly recommend this series, and if you have read the first book you absolutely need to read this installment to see what happens. I can't wait to get All For This and to read more from Lexi Ryan in the future.

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