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Thursday, June 19, 2014

ARC Review: Hunter by Night by Elizabeth Staab

Alexia Blackburn, best friend of Isabel, queen of the vampires, lives in the same house with many vampires. Lee Gorman, King Thad’s right hand man and fellow vampire, avoids Alexia. Being a human she’s beneath him, which is exactly where he wants her. He fights his attraction and revulsion. Humans killed his mother and sister, but Alexia makes his undead heart beat faster. Alexia falls and cuts her knee. A strip of black leather by a gate is what she tripped over in the dark. It is a piece of pagan magic stained by an ancient enemy, one Lee thought he killed centuries ago. Haig, the crazed killer, is back with reinforcements and syringes full of a deadly virus. The older wizards welcome his return to wipe out the humans and intermingling once and for all. Lee is a soldier and hasn’t had live human blood in seven centuries. It doesn’t matter because he’s positive he’s dying. He’s willing to sacrifice himself to find Haig, but after a sip of Alexia’s blood the future is brighter. And he feels better and she feels his pain. Isabel is about to give birth and is threatened by Haig’s followers. She and Thad are at the hospital while their complex is under siege. Lee and Alexia fall in love, but not without sacrifice and fear.

The story starts fun. Lee and Alexia throw zingers at each other. Their distrust and interest battle for dominance. Once they become a couple, the story turns more serious and darker and loses the best part of their relationship. Lee is ill and Alexia can cure him. He fights against getting closer to her, putting both of them in danger. Alexia wants to leave the compound and get her life back. She’s uncertain about a future with Lee and doesn’t like vampires. The vampires breathe, have heart beats, and give birth. A different take on the usual vampires, but a bit confusing. Alexia can’t become a vampire so she will remain human, leaving Lee to go without her. Their relationship doesn’t feel like love, mostly obligation.

The secondary characters are more interesting. Siddoh is Lee’s second in command and battles internal demons, namely his family. Zander and Theresa have lost their spouses and are anxious to start a relationship, but are afraid to hurt each other’s feelings. These story lines need to be followed.

This is the third book in a series.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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  1. What is it about a bare chested guy that makes me want to pick up a book? I know that I'm not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but I just can't help myself! Be that as it may, I did love the blurb and the description, so I would probably love to read it in spite of the cover! ;-)