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Thursday, June 19, 2014

ARC Review: Star Struck by Laurelin Paige

Star Struck is the second book in Laurelin Paige's Lights, Camera series and centers around Heather Wainwright the actress. She is first introduced in Take Two, but these are standalone and you do not need to read that one first. Although it was a really good book and I would definitely recommend reading it as well. I really enjoyed Heather and Seth's story, and I thought that it was really well written.

Heather Wainwright is a Hollywood actress that has earned the reputation of being a diva. She hardly ever has any time off and is always filling her her time with one commitment after another. When her favorite charity needs help, her assistant volunteers her to not only star in their well known 24 hour plays, but to also chair them as well. She meets Seth while attending the first event for the charity, and although attracted to one another they instantly get off on the wrong foot. Heather thinks that he is a carpenter there to help build sets and that he is beneath her, while Seth can't believe she is such a snob and would judge him so quickly without even knowing him. As they are forced to work together though, their attraction to one another becomes more than they can fight. Soon they are seeing each other and things between them are starting to get serious. But Heather has no idea that Seth is actually much more than a carpenter and is actually a very successful production designer that has volunteered his time and materials to the charity. When she decides that she doesn't care about his job and wants to move forward with a relationship, Seth knows he needs to come clean. But will Heather be able to forgive his deception after everything that she has trusted him with?

I really liked Seth. He was a really good guy and I loved how he gave back and genuinely cared about the cause he was a part of. I liked that he wanted Heather to like him for who he was and not his job, but I do think that he should have come clean before the truth came out. He had so many chances and allowed himself to become distracted and put off telling her. I did think that he was sexy and sweet with her, and I liked that he also wouldn't allow her to get away with her normal behavior. He pushed her to be the best person that she could be and to get over the things from her past. Heather was really hard for me to warm up to, and I will admit that I honestly didn't like her for at least the first half of the book. She was a complete snobby bitch, and she seemed to think that she was better than everyone else. When her past is revealed, I really didn't like her because she had no reason to feel that she was superior. But with Seth's help and her assistant Lexie's help also, I feel like she really started to realize just what kind of person she had turned into. She really had a huge transformation, and it honestly seemed to be genuine. I really believed that she was changing, and I had no problem starting to like her. Seth had believed in her right from the start and had seen something that no one else did when it came to her, and I was glad that he was correct about her. I thought that they had a lot of chemistry and were really hot together.

Laurelin Paige definitely knows how to bring the heat, and I loved how these two characters couldn't keep their hands off each other. The scenes were written well, and I loved seeing them fall for one another. But for me this one took a little while for me to really get into because I just didn't like the heroine for the longest time. I wish that Heather hadn't been such a bitch for so long, because after awhile it really made me wonder why Seth kept trying. I am glad things worked out the way that they did and I think that they had a great connection. But it just took so long for me to come around, that I spent half the book hating her. I did think that the story was good though, and I really love Laurelin Paige's writing style. I can't wait to read more from her in the future. I would definitely recommend this story though, especially if you are a fan of Paige's and have read Take Two. We get to see Micah from Take Two briefly in this book, and it was so nice to see that he and Maddie were still living their HEA.

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