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Sunday, June 15, 2014

ARC Review: Don’t Blackmail the Vampire by Tiffany Allee

Rachel Davis is determined to stop her sister, Kristen, from marrying Brent Strub. And not just because of his last name. Rachel sees him as a liar. He cheated on Kristin’s best friend, Alice, with Kristin. Rachel has joined them on a ski trip to Colorado. Outdoor winter sports aren’t Rachel’s thing, but she sees it as the last opportunity to speak to Kristin. Brent’s friend Cole is also with them. A gorgeous man approaches Rachel in the bar. She shoos him away. Since their father left them, Rachel keeps men away and Kristin clings to them. Especially the bad ones. The stranger from the bar is Brent’s business contact, Charles Wright. He’s also a hungry vampire. Rachel stumbles upon him and his curvy blonde meal. He compels her to forget it. She resists and makes him a proposition instead. She won’t expose his true nature, if he helps her break Kristin away from Brent. Charles’ real reason for seeking out Brent is because his brother, Noah, is in love with Alice. She has been receiving threatening texts. They believe Brent is behind them. Rachel and Charles find their physical attraction too much to ignore. Charles helps Rachel during her attempts at skiing and ice skating. They also come up with different plans, before deciding to set up Brent with another woman. Kristin knows Rachel is behind it, making sure she would be present as a witness. She does break the engagement and the texter is exposed.

I had a number of problems with this story. Kristin has money, but no indication of how she acquired it. The person behind the texts is a random person. Never referred to or brought up until being fingered by the brothers. There are references to Charles’ father and another brother and warring vampires. The reasons for both are unclear. After being caught with another woman, Brent is barely mentioned again. Kristin is considering dating Cole. Why wouldn’t she want to get as far away from Brent as possible? Plus Cole’s character is described as Brent’s minion. The sisters don’t seem close or part of each other’s lives except to meddle or pass judgment. Charles is creepily obsessed with Alice and proving himself worthy to Noah. Rachel and Charles run hot and cold as a couple. I never felt an emotional connection between them.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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