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Sunday, July 6, 2014

ARC Review: Pistol by Max Henry

I will admit that I was drawn in from the blurb and cover on this one. Everything about the cover just really spoke to me and I absolutely loved it. But after reading the blurb, I thought that this story was going to be one I really enjoyed. Sadly, this book was so much different than the blurb led me to believe and I really think that the blurb was misleading. There will be a lot of people that I think really like this book, but unfortunately this wasn't what I was personally expecting.

Stephanie Drake has been living her life just going through the motions. Her boyfriend broke up with her and she never takes any risks or ventures out of the known and comfortable life that she has. All that changes when she meets Pete "Pistol" O'Malley. He's sexy and mysterious with an Irish accent. He comes off arrogant and isn't afraid to be blunt with anyone. She feels herself drawn to him and thinks maybe its time that she shook up her life a bit. However all of her friends warn her away from him, and the more time she is around him the more wary of him she becomes. She can't stay away from him, and he can't stay away from her though. The more that they fight what is between them, the more that they want each other. Are Pete and Stephanie right for each other, or will the risk of anything between them be too great for them to take a chance on?

Pete and Stephanie's relationship was really confusing to me. I thought that they were pretty toxic together and I couldn't ever really seem to get a grasp on what was happening. They were so hot and cold, and I really didn't understand Pete's actions at all. He had a past and he also was involved with a lot of things that were dangerous. I just didn't really get why he felt the need to play with Stephanie so much. I mean I understand that he knew she was into that in the bedroom and that is fine. But outside the bedroom, he was so cold and calculated and a lot of the time he was a flat out jerk to her. I just didn't get the draw for her besides the physical. I thought that these two really just didn't fit, and I was never able to connect with them as characters. They worked on a physical level, but to me anything more than that just wasn't believable.

I also felt like the story was slow and tended to drag in several parts. I honestly felt like I had no clue what was going on or what this story was about for the majority of this book. Maybe it was me, but I guess I just didn't get it. I don't think I ever truly understood what this one was about, and then at the end there is a cliffhanger. I felt like it was abrupt and just sort of stopped. I did like that the author gave us both POVs though, and it was good to see what they were each thinking or feeling. I thought that Henry did a great job of meshing them together and they blended well. Each POV was clear and easily distinguished, which isn't always the case with a dual POV book. I think that there are a lot of people who will really be able to get into this book, and enjoy it. But this book just wasn't for me.

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