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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Review: Healing a Higlander’s Heart by Keira Montclair

This was an interesting and fun read by Keira Montclair. I found the writing to be good and the story to be engaging. When it starts our heroine, Brenna Grant is being kidnapped at knife-point. As the story progresses, we learn that Brenna is a very well-known healer as was her mother. She has a natural talent for helping people that are ill or suffering from ailments. One person she needs to heal is Quade Ramsay a chieftain in the highlands.

My only issues with the story were that I put the book down a couple of times and came back to it. I wasn’t overly interested in it. One reason was that I liked the heroine and especially liked that she was a healer but she was kind of flat. She almost seemed childlike. She kind of just went along with whatever came her way. The hero was also a little difficult to become invested in. He is wounded and healed by Brenna. When the story began I thought that Brenna was intended for Logan not Quade. The men in this story all fall in love with Brenna. She is so beautiful that even Logan and Quade (brothers) fight over her. Logan explains to Quade that if he wants Brenna he will have her… What becomes confusing for me is that Logan has a change of heart. He realizes that he needs to focus on healing his daughter Lily and not romanticizing about Brenna. So my question is this…why is he so authorative with his brother and warns him to stay away from Brenna? Also, when he wakes up from nearly dying the first thing he does is kiss Brenna. She is so overwhelmed with her attraction to him that she lets him and then day dreams about him the entire time. She is obviously attracted to him but he calls out his wife’s name when he is in his fever.

Also for a chieftain, I expected some more strength of character from Quade. He was obviously very concerned about his daughter and getting her well but most of the time he seemed pretty clueless about what to do. I personally thought Logan had more of take -charge attitude. He was a better hunter and thought out his plans more. Overall, I enjoyed learning about these characters and their adventures. Quade’s brothers were interesting and I hope that the author writes about Logan next. I also enjoyed reading how both Brenna and Quade eventually deal with their feelings. The author added some great adventure scenes that made the storyline adventurous and at times suspenseful. I will be reading more books by Keira Montclair.

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