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Monday, July 7, 2014

ARC Review: Vampire Trouble by Sara Humphreys

Shane Quesada is an old vampire, a sentry for the Presidium and the Czars of New York City, and enthralled with Maya Robertson. She’s a new vampire and bartender at the Coven. Czar Olivia, Maya’s maker and pregnant with Czar Doug’s child, thinks Maya needs a steady hand. She takes unnecessary risks with men at the bar. Maya is trying to remember anything past her last night of life. The only thing she has is a necklace and a vague vision of her grandmother. Shane finds himself in one of Maya’s dreams and sees how she was killed. This nightmare replays every night and Maya doesn’t know how to stop it. Shane makes his presence known in another dream and kills the attacker. He assures Maya she can do this herself. The physical attraction grows between them and Shane bites her. They are now linked as blood mates and can communicate telepathically. Olivia is told a pack of werewolves are about to make an uninvited visit. Maya makes a job change and goes to work in a seedy bar. When the wolves arrive there, their leader, Horace, only has eyes for Maya. Shane is her assigned bodyguard and unhappy about the wolves’ attention. After an incident with Horace, Shane and Maya leave for New Orleans. They stay with Olivia’s gypsy friend, Lottie Fogg. Shane is determined to teach Maya how to defend herself and packs many different weapons. Lottie senses there is dark gypsy magic in Maya and sends her into town to a palm reader. All decide the wolves hate her necklace, so Maya decides to hand it over to Horace and be done. He sets a trap for her and her friend. The vampires and Horace’s brother arrive to help her. The necklace has been destroyed and Maya finds her magic within.

Shane is the strong silent type, always the observer until he meets Maya. All of his attention is on her to the point where he loses some of his powers. Maya is struggling to be independent and get a handle on her past. It’s a journey she is terrified to take. Shane acts as her guide and mentor. The fact that she chisels through his armor makes them more vulnerable and interesting. The idea of going on alone appeals to no one, but to find the true mate makes the search worth it.

My favorite character is Lottie. Nothing fazes her: weapons training, werewolves attacking, and hiding vampires in her house. All in a day’s work. Plus her magic powers are pretty impressive.

Tall, Dark, and Vampire is the first book in this series and highly recommended too.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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  1. Well, if I were a vampire, I would want to hit the night clubs. But ever since Night at the Museum, I have thought it would be so cool to visit at night!