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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Review: Wicked Sexy by Anne Marsh

Wicked Sexy is the first book of Anne Marsh's that I have read, but I was drawn in from the blurb. I was excited to read this second chance lovers story, especially when it has sexy hero in uniform. I have to say that this wasn't what I was really expecting though. I thought that it was an okay book, but it wasn't quite as sexy as the name and cover implied.

Dani Andrews should be on her honeymoon, but after catching her fiance cheating on her she broke up with him. She decided to go back to Discovery Island and stay in the cabin anyways so that she can help her grandparents while they are on a cruise. Daeg Ross is back on the island helping his friends with their business while also healing before re-upping as a rescue swimmer. He has always been against settling down, until he comes across Dani on the beach again. Years ago they shared a kiss, but he left her because things weren't right. She was too young at the time and he had already enlisted. But now he is determined to get the chance with her that he didn't have before. Dani however isn't so quick to let him back into her life after the way he left her before. But when a storm traps them together, it just might be the push they both need to explore things between them.

I liked Daeg and Dani. I thought that Daeg was a sexy hero, and he was a good guy. He was always looking out for others and took his job and the motto they live by seriously. He felt guilt over an accident that he lost a partner in, and it was good to see Dani help him realize that he wasn't to blame for it. Dani was smart and I liked her character a lot. But I did think that she had judged Daeg pretty harshly at first. He had walked away years ago because she was only 17 and he was 5 years older than her. That isn't bad later in life, but at the time it wasn't right and he knew that. I wish that she could have seen that before her grandparents had to point it out to her. I did like that she finally saw things more clearly though, and it was great to see Daeg help her with the insecurities that her ex-fiance had left her with. I thought that Daeg and Dani had great chemistry together, but their relationship did seem to progress rather quickly all things considered.

I also felt like this book was pretty slow, and at times it was boring and hard to get through. There were a few times I thought about putting it down and not finishing, but I wanted to see if it would pick up. I also found myself skimming in parts because it just didn't hold my interest. I think that this one was a decent read, but it wasn't memorable or one that I would find myself wanting to read again in the future. The characters were good, but I think that the story was just lacking I think if you are looking for a contemporary with a sexy hero and an HEA you might give this one a shot.

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