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Thursday, September 11, 2014

ARC Review: Batter Up by Robin Neeley

Batter Up is an absolutely adorable book. It’s like a mash-up between Never Been Kissed and Practical Magic. I loved the story and the characters the writing style. It made me laugh and made me cry. I want a keep this book forever! I want to shout it out to the roof tops how much I loved this book. Okay so here I go shouting it off the roof top…

Emma Stevens is from a long line of witches, but of course he hates using that word. She does, however, her best to on carrying on the family tradition of Batter Up Night every Monday night. The tradition her Grandmother started selecting one eligible bachelor and finding his true love with the help of the “magic cupcakes”. Everyone assumes it’s the sprinkles she puts in the batter that makes the name magically appear in the batter but that is Emma’s family secret. Her latest bachelor, who is no longer a bachelor because he ran off to Vegas and married his true love; blabbed his big drunkin’ mouth to none other than the reporter Jason Levine. Jason Levine knows a story when he hears one and follows the newlyweds back to Buttermilk Falls, so sure Emma Stevens was pulling the wool over their eyes. Playing at nothing a con job, Jason is caught unaware of the beautiful bakery shop owner. Jason almost blows it when Emma immediately finds out who he is and who he writes for, the fact that he is the sexiest man she has ever seen will not deter her from scaring him way, even when a spoonful of hot sauce tainted cupcake batter doesn’t scare him she is determined to keep him at bay. Jason has other plans. While Emma thinks that Jason is sleeping with her arch nemesis, Jason is doing his best to learn Emma’s secrets and not seduce her into bed. Things go completely out of control when Emma ends up biding five thousand dollars in a bidding war against her nemesis on Jason. Jason convinces Emma go on a date with him only to have it ruined by the appearance of her ex who left her unwary about finding love again. Jason best friend Brandon, also a reporter, shows up and Emma finds out it’s him who is sleeping with her nemesis and now he wants her to work her magic on him so he can hurry up and propose. As always things don’t work out and Emma’s spunky cousin’s name shows up instead. When Emma so in love with Jason and trusting him enough not to print her secrets works her magic on him and sharing her secret so sure her name will appear it doesn’t either. Jason leaves and Emma’s heart is broken. When Jason returns and explains it all is it enough especially when she finds out he has indeed written an article and coming out soon.

A mess of other things happen making this seem like it would be a really good romantic comedy movie.

**ARC provided by NetGalley**

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  1. I read and reviewed this too! It was very cute!