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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

ARC Review: Resist Me by A.O. Peart

Resist Me is the first book that I have ever read by A.O. Peart, and it is also the first in her Change Me series. I was looking for a good and sexy romantic suspense, and I did enjoy parts of this story. This one was just okay for me though, and honestly while I liked it I doubt that I would re-read it in the future. I did have plenty to like that kept me reading the story though, and it was a quick and easy read.

Lisbeth Anderson (Now known as Gloria Glasson) was the sole witness to her friend's brutal gang rape and murder. She has been in hiding with the witness protection program until the warehouse that she was stationed in is targeted. When Ethan McCoy shows up to the warehouse fire, he quickly realizes that this is anything but a routine fire and is soon tasked with helping to find the FBI witness trapped in a safe room. There is an instant connection between Ethan and Lisbeth, and he finds himself wanting to do anything to protect her. With the help of his friends, they form a plan to get Lisbeth out and away from the FBI as they now believe that there is a mole within. As Ethan and Lisbeth hide out and try to avoid anyone finding them, they can't deny the attraction between them. They try to fight it, but the more time they spend together the harder it becomes. When their location is found out though, Ethan will do anything to make sure that he protects Lisbeth.

I liked Lisbeth and Ethan both. Ethan was former military and a hot firefighter, so he was pretty much every woman's dream guy. But he wasn't a fan of commitment and had a steady group of booty calls on speed dial. I liked that he was able to be so immediately protective of Lisbeth though, and I thought that it made him a really great guy that he was trying to fight what he felt for her. He didn't want to take advantage of the situation even when she was willing and that said a lot about him. Lisbeth had been through so much, and yet she was still able to appreciate the simple things in life. She was light and full of joy and love for nature and all that was around her. She was vulnerable due to her past as well as what she had seen, but she didn't let it define her or stop her from trying to continue living her life. I thought that Lisbeth and Ethan had a ton of chemistry and the sexual tension between them was so thick. I enjoyed seeing these two circle around each other while waiting for the inevitable explosion of passion between them.

I did feel that this book had some issues though, and the biggest for me was the lack of action. For a suspense, nothing really happened. Besides the beginning and the ending, I really felt like the middle of this book was almost boring and drawn out. I found my interest waning and was ready for more to happen. I think part of the problem is that there wasn't a lot going on between Lisbeth and Ethan either, and so it just felt like we were at a standstill. I also felt like while enjoyable, this story was predictable and didn't really bring anything new or different. The ending was also abrupt and felt rushed and left me wanting more. I think that this book did have some good parts, and I thought that Peart did a great job of writing the tension between the two main characters. I really liked Ethan and Lisbeth, and I loved when things finally got steamy between them. I also really liked Ethan's cousin and best friend Jack and definitely wouldn't mind seeing more of him. I thought that he kept the story light and was able to offer some comic relief when needed. If you are a fan of romantic suspense stories, you might give this one a shot.

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