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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

ARC Review: Unwritten by M.C. Decker

Unwritten is the debut novel from M.C. Decker, and I really enjoyed this story. I thought that it was well written and interesting, and I didn't want to put this one down at all. I will warn you though that this is not a standalone novel as I had thought and is actually the first in a series. Yes that means it ends with a huge cliffhanger that I was completely unprepared for and it just about killed me. It looks as though the next book in the series Unscripted will be out sometime in 2015. Despite the ending that I wasn't ready for, I thought that M.C. Decker did a great job on her debut novel and I am looking forward to reading more from her.

Brooke Anderson had a great life, and was on track to making all of her dreams come true. Then she literally ran into Rich Davis, and everything changed for her. Despite their initial and less than great meeting, Rich and Brooke got to know one another and continued to get closer. Despite their feelings for one another, things between them always stayed just friends due to one reason or another. Now several years later, they haven't spoken once until Brooke shows up to a job interview at The Washington Post where she has always dreamed of working. The feelings and attraction between them resurface and both are wanting to have each other in a way they never have before. While Rich will stop at nothing to finally make Brooke his, Brooke is apprehensive about starting anything due to the fact that she will now be working for him. But can she really deny everything that is between them and what her heart wants regardless of what her head tells her?

I liked both Rich and Brooke a lot. I thought that they both made some really dumb mistakes, but I also saw their reasons for them. Rich comes off as an arrogant jerk at first, and I really was worried that I was going to hate him. But he won me over just as he won Brooke over, and I really began to like him. He was really smart and dedicated and I loved his confidence. He expected greatness out of others, but he was also living up to that himself. Brooke was smart as well, and I really loved that they could connect through their love of writing and editing. These two connected on every single level, and I like that Brooke could hold her own with Rich. She was a strong and independent woman, and I really thought that she was a great heroine. I felt so badly at times for Brooke and Rich both. They had some issues with timing and outside influences, and it really seemed as though their stars would never align. But I knew these two were perfect for one another and needed to end up together, so I just had to have faith that they would find their way to each other at the end of their solo journeys.

Overall, I really did enjoy this story and I loved pretty much everything about it. Besides the cliffhanger ending though, there were a few small things that kept this book from being a five star read for me. I felt like at times both Rich and Brooke acted childishly, especially Brooke. Her actions felt like those of a teenager rather than an adult, and I wanted to tell her to get a grip and act her age. Luckily this wasn't the majority of the story or anything, and it was only occasionally. I also felt as though Rich would do things at times that completely contradicted what he would say to Brooke. While he was telling her he would wait for her and that their story wasn't over, he would date others and lose touch with her. He also seemed to not really try to convince her of what could be between them, and at times it felt like he gave up on her and them far too easily. Of course he would eventually try to make things right and move forward, but it was frustrating at times that he would seem almost uninterested in her. I think that M.C. Decker had a really solid debut in Unwritten though, and I will definitely be stalking online to see when the next book comes out. I think if you know there is more coming and aren't expecting an HEA at the end of this book that it would completely change how you feel at the end of this story. I was disappointed with where it ended because I loved these characters at that point and really wanted to see them happy. The fact that it was such a huge cliffhanger left my emotions running wild and I honestly need to know what happens next. These two will be on my mind until I get the next installment in their story, and I just hope that I don't have to wait too long or I might go crazy. I would definitely recommend this story, and I think that M.C. Decker has a promising writing career ahead of her. I know I will be looking forward to seeing what she writes in the future.

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