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Sunday, September 7, 2014

ARC Review: Fly by T.A. Foster

I have become a huge fan of T.A. Foster's after having read several of her books now. She always delivers a sweet story that I know will leave me feeling happy and satisfied with the outcome. I can honestly say though that I have been super excited ever since I first heard about Fly, because there is just something sexy about a pilot! I ended up really enjoying this book, and it is definitely one of my favorites of T.A. Foster's to date. 

Skye Stephens is a workaholic who just had all the credit for a job well done taken from her. When her work friend suggests that they go and get a drink to get over it, Skye is at first reluctant but ends up agreeing. When her friend winds up sick and stands her up though, a sexy stranger swoops in a rescues her. They immediately hit it off and end up deciding to spend the night together. At first, the night seems to be typical for fighter pilot Ben "Bolt" Hardcastle. But when they find out that neither of them has a condom they end up spending the night just hanging out together. Ben is used to one night only, but with Skye he finds himself wanting more. They end up seeing each other more and more as both of them feel a connection unlike anything they have felt before. But Skye has a rule that she doesn't sleep with anyone until they have been together for at least a month, and she isn't convinced that Ben will wait around that long. Ben finds himself unable to stay away though, and soon he is actually thinking about a future with just one girl as long as it is Skye. But with his 6 month deployment coming up, can they really have any kind of future together when their relationship is so new?

I really liked Ben. He was sexy and sweet, and I really thought that he was great for Skye. He loosened her up and showed her how to really live and not just work all the time. I loved that even when he screwed up he wasn't afraid to admit that he had made a mistake and do what it took to show Skye that he wanted her. He waited for her, and he showed that their relationship was about more than just sex. I also really liked what a great friend he was and that he looked out for his friend's girl because he wasn't around anymore. I thought that he was really more than met the eye, and it was good to see him start to really allow himself to be happy and hope for the future with Skye. Skye was smart and dedicated, but she definitely worked too hard. She had been used to putting everything into her career and it was really great to see her start to enjoy life with Ben. I thought that they were perfect for each other, and I loved that they had the chemistry but also the everyday sweetness to them as well. I liked that they were playful and fun together, and it was really cute to see them on their dates and enjoying each other's company.

Overall, this book was definitely another winner from T.A. Foster. I enjoyed it a lot and I think it was definitely one of my favorites of hers. Ben and Skye were so fun to read about, but I also really enjoyed Ben's Friends as well! I especially loved Hollywood and I really liked the banter between those two. If you haven't read anything by T.A. Foster, you are really missing out. I love her writing style, and she always delivers a solid and entertaining story. Fly was no exception and I would absolutely recommend it if you are looking for a sweet and sexy contemporary read. I can't wait to see what T.A. Foster comes up with next.

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  1. I've never read this author or a book with a pilot hero so I am definitely interested. Thanks for the review, Casey!